Is Sony Ericsson working on a Walkman droid, the W15?

15 April, 2011 | Comments (65) | Post your comment

We had pretty much written off the Walkman brand at least as far as phones go. However, rumor has it that it might be poised for a comeback in the face of an XPERIA X8 based Android with all the appropriate sound playing internals.

Right now itís just a rumor and a photo of a box so no promises. The model number of the droid Walkman is W15, at least thatís what it says on the purported box.

Hereís what else the rumors say Ė the Sony Ericsson W15 droid Walkman will be similar to the XPERIA X8, with a 3Ē HVGA screen, a 600MHz processor and a 3.2MP camera.

Itís going to pack a customized interface (which is a staple of Walkman phones) and a specialized audio chip that supports lossless codecs.

An April or May launch is speculated - that doesn't leave Sony Ericsson much time to announce the W15.

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Is Sony Ericsson working on a Walkman droid, the W15? - reader comments

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