ITC to rule on Apple's complaint against Samsung on August 1

06 February, 2013 | Comments (38) | Post your comment

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Apple and Samsung are fighting a fierce patent war on several fronts, but one of those engagements will be resolved in the beginning of August.

Originally scheduled for January 23, the final ruling will decide if Apple will win the US import ban on Samsung devices or not (depends on whether the devices infringe on Apple patents, the preliminary findings are that there are four patents that Samsung infringed on).

Should the August 1 ruling go that way, there will be a 60-day Presidential review period, during which the White House can veto the import ban (which it usually doesn’t). This means the potential ban will come into effect in October.

Before then, the ITC has another ruling to make – Samsung is seeking an import ban on Apple products, alleging violations on FRAND patents. This ruling is scheduled for March 7.

You can check the FOSSPatents blog for more info on the patent wars between Apple and Samsung. Be warned though, it quickly gets confusing and complicated, despite all of Florian Mueller’s efforts to disambiguate it all.

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ITC to rule on Apple's complaint against Samsung on August 1 - reader comments

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