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They should be giving a back cooler along with the cellphone , it gets so hot that u can fry an egg on the back of it.

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  • 2013-09-12 10:31
  • w6LN
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Camera not connected that the problem of this unit...

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  • 2013-09-10 22:44
  • nTSt
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> In reply to DADDY @ 2013-09-09 14:15 from t1$A - click to readif your fingers are hurting just buy a case dude

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  • 2013-09-10 18:37
  • uv7p
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Summary: Perfect for a business oriented phone. Great for viewing pdfs, using google docs, whatsapp, chat etc. I've even given a small presentation with this phone. There is a heating problem which is very noticeable when you use this phone extensively , however it doesnt seem to affect the performance. Battery lasts a full day of usage.

Screen: The phone has an amazing screen owing to its high resolution and ppi (1920 x 1080) - however, sometimes this is a problem when browsing websites, as it loads the full desktop version and not the mobile version, so you have to zoom in a lot. (Not a big deal, but i wanted to mention it)

Memory: 16gb, but only about 12 gb is free to use. (The rest is consumed by the OS). Its more than sufficient if you're using this for business (Documents, images, pdfs, excel etc) , plus if you use it with google drive, its perfect.
However if you are a gamer or photographer or like to watch HD movies on your phone, then you're going to run into low memory.

Battery: The battery lasts about 10 - 12 hrs on normal use (of course this will decrease as the phone gets older). Be sure to turn the 'smart endurance' setting ON, this helps keep your phone on especially after the battery life drops to 20%. IT automatically turns wifi and data off, reduces brightness, etc. (sometimes this is annoying if you want to stay online, but till now its not caused a problem for me)

OS: I love the tweaks Lenovo has made. It gives a very professional feel to the phone.

Camera: Both the front and back cameras on this phone are really good. The back camera in particular works amazing in low light, and is super clear in natural light. But i must point out, the phone HEATS UP while using the camera, and you could end up burning your hand if the camera is on too long.

GPU: As i said before, its not a gamer oriented phone. the GPU is decent, you can play most games flawlessly. There is a slight flicker at low lighting videos or games, but nothing that will bother you. Again, the Phone heats up when the GPU is pushed to its limit. I couldnt play a game for more than 15mins because of the heat, however it doesnt affect the performance of the phone.

Speaker: The notification and rigntone volumes are great, video volumes are a little shrill, but thats normal for a phone speaker. However, voice calls on 'speaker phone' have a surprisingly low volume, even when u turn the volume up. This is probably a software setting, but I cant see any inbuilt way to change this volume.

Phone Heating: The phone heats up a lot, probably owing to the processor at 2GHz. But if you're using this for emails, documents, chat, images, phonecalls , it wont cause a problem. Gaming and videos cause it to heat a lot. The metal casing is what causes the heat to jump right at you - BUT on the bright side, it cools much faster because of the metal case. So if you just lock your phone for about 20 - 30 secs, it will be back to normal

Look & Feel: Definitely one of the better looking phones out there, its extremely slim so you dont realize how big it actually is when you hold it.
THe metal casing gives it a very premium look. I DONT particularly like the fact that its a absolute rectangle (no curves), they could have gone for a slightly more ergonomic design.

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  • 2013-09-10 14:27
  • vGd%
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> In reply to shane @ 2013-09-05 22:22 from s8i} - click to readbuy d most trusted brand

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  • 2013-09-10 00:22
  • t7Xh
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> In reply to Superayush @ 2013-09-09 18:23 from KA0g - click to readThe phone gets hot in heavy usage. But I am yet to face the issue that the phone is so hot that its uncomfortable to hold. These days every powerful android phone gets hot. That is normal. You wont like face any performane bottleneck due to heat. Also as the body of K900 is metallic it conducts the heat better than the plastic phones. This is also a reason feeling the slightest heat.
App compatibility should not be a problem. I have not faced any such issues except one. I have mx player offline apk. It installed finely and opens up but needs addition codec pack download since its X86 hardware. Thats understandable. So, overall not really a problem.

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  • 2013-09-09 19:00
  • t1$B
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> In reply to DADDY @ 2013-09-09 14:15 from t1$A - click to readHey there how much does the phone heat up while playing and doing other intensive tasks?

Also are you able to play most popular apps on your phone smoothly or facing any issues ?

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  • 2013-09-09 18:23
  • KA0g
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got this phone from flipkart.com 2 days back. I was really sceptical about getting this phone because not a lot of people are using this. But finally got it and I must admit I did take a good decision. This is going to be a mini review. So if you are in doubt like me....read on.
After taking the phone out of the box, the first thing that came in my mind was like Man this is huge. It is actually bigger than it seems in the photos. So if you have small hands and are uncomfortable with bigger phones...look elsewhere. Its really really slim but takes up a whole pocket in my regular london fit pepejeans( just for example) and still some portion sticks outside. The build quality is fantastic. There is a screen guard attached but a big intel inside is printed on that. So you have to take that out. The display is sharp and vivid and viewing angles are great. It gives the loved printed look. Its pretty bright too. Blacks are deep in low brightness. The front is all black and cover in one piece of gorilla glass2. Rest of the phone is grey silver. Volume rocker and power lock keys are the only keys. There are no shutter key which I really missed. Both keys are metallic and have a texture on them. So they are not slippery and are comfortable to use. There are two microphones. The speaker is pretty loud and crisp. It has Wolfson DAC, same as galaxy S4. So expect the audio quality to be excellent. The music player has equaliser but its only 5 band. The interface is sometimes a little jittery. I guess the lenovo launcher is not optimised. The built in video player is bad. Does not play all formats. But which it manages to play it plays pretty smooth.
I was in doubt about camera quality after reading online comments. But those who says it has a bad camera does not actually have the device I guess. Because the camera is really really good. It takes nice detailes. There are some artifacts. I cant find any purple fringing. The lens is f1.8 and sensor is 1/2.3 inch. Impressive. If you focus it at close distance the background gets blurres. Sweet. The flash in auto mode is tuned exactly as I wanted. It slows the shuuter speed in low light and low ISO insted firing the flash. So you have to hold the phone steady to get a good picture. The sensor is BSI. So its actually an acceptable performer in low light. I am a DSLR user but I must say this phone's camera impressed me.
Same goes for the battery life. The internet is full of controversial openions. When I got the phone it was showing 54%. Its over 48 hours and I still left 5%. The data is off and wifi off. Never switched off the phone, even at night. Had a few calls and some photos shooting and browsing, Exploring the os etc. So it seems the battery is not bad. These dayd if you can go through 24 hours in one charge, consider it to be a good battery life.
The phone get lightly warm even in light usage. Dont like it.
I have a lot to share but my finger are hurting. If you have any questions....just ask me

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  • 2013-09-09 14:15
  • t1$A
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> In reply to rajat @ 2013-09-04 15:39 from wiRw - click to readpricing in my region, without contract, base models:
K900 400 USD
Note 2 470 USD
Lumia 925 480 USD
G Pro 510 USD
Z Ultra 630 USD
16GB Crapple iJunk 5 660 USD

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  • 2013-09-09 10:48
  • IVLe
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Link to that website?

I have international rom K900_ROW_1_S2_009_0047_130603 on my device. Maybe you have another rom on yours and that one drains more battery?

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  • 2013-09-09 10:35
  • SdJh
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I do not use mobile data and wifi is used only to check mails and little browsing. So not much usage on wifi no games, no mobile data and it just manages 24 hours and that too on best conservation mode of battery.

If you check on lenovo india website it has put few reviews by independent newspapers website etc.

Compare that with your actual battery life?


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  • 2013-09-08 10:59
  • vIbG
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> In reply to varaprasad @ 2013-09-06 15:36 from t}YI - click to readSometimes it gets warm yes. But not more then previous phones I owned. Battery is better then expected. After 24h still 20 percent left, just had to find right settings for power management... I love the phone, don't miss my galaxy s4 at all.

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  • 2013-09-08 09:38
  • S3sL
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> In reply to Sudhir @ 2013-09-07 10:57 from vI9x - click to read1) Voice quality is fine with mine. Had few problems at first but turned out to be just bad connection at the place i worked then.

2) Getting through the day easily so thats ok. Just make sure that you do not have Wifi and Mobile data on at same time. Both seem to be active then wich drains battery quite fast.

3) Never paid attention to how fast it charges because i just plug it in at night.

4) have not had the auto dialing issue.

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  • 2013-09-07 17:55
  • SdJh
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its a good mobile for future r not....
plsss temmee..

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  • 2013-09-07 14:37
  • KAyv
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whether its a good 1 r not for future.....

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  • 2013-09-07 14:36
  • KAyv
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I bought this phone on 27th Aug. through amazon.com overall good in many areas. Camera excellent, touch very good, display unbeatable. Games i don't play so no comment. I am facing few issues would like feedback by other users if they also faced something similar?

1) Voice quality at other end, I have recd. complaints that voice is not clear or they could not make out who is on this side of phone.

2) Battery life is also not satisfactory.

3) Long time to charge from 10% battery to full charge about 3.5-4 hours at times.

4) At times it auto dials in pocket despite phone being in locked mode.

Any user comments would be highly appreciated, I have already escalated matter to the highest level at Lenovo.

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  • 2013-09-07 10:57
  • vI9x
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Why to purchse beast if good looking cats are doing the same job ?
Just bought ellife e3 yesterday.phone is really awesome light weight ,handy ,screen is better than note 2. we all guys keep on searching on net and comparing specifications all time but that does not work practically. Guys just go and feel this mobile yourself then you will come to know about it .It just loving its Retina display.
Samsung guys increasing the size of their phone and not paying attention to its look and weight which also matters equally.This phone just weight 110 gm with mind blowing slim looks.

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  • 2013-09-07 08:50
  • vIht
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> In reply to Veer1234 @ 2013-08-30 13:40 from X}nc - click to readWhat about the HTC one x I guess it's the best among those phones with beats audio and slim look

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  • 2013-09-07 04:07
  • fm3x
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m planning to buy k900 or Nexus 4 ..suggest me one phone plzzz

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  • 2013-09-06 21:51
  • t}dF
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beautiful phone but battery is too bad.

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  • 2013-09-06 21:49
  • tTWj
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