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> In reply to huki @ 2014-02-28 19:47 from XuAW - click to readhowz the phone? i would like to buy it. I heard that the battery backup is worst. kindly advise me

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  • 2014-02-28 21:30
  • 7tW7
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Its dualcore......m using it!

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  • 2014-02-28 19:47
  • XuAW
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> In reply to DerAstar @ 2014-02-27 21:41 from J8MW - click to readno, lenovo k900 is dualcore you can check it from lenovo site

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  • 2014-02-28 07:40
  • MfxH
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well Lenovo K900 runs on QUAD QORE 2GHZ not DUAL CORE and has 4.2.1 JB , please correct :)

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  • 2014-02-27 21:41
  • J8MW
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> In reply to DoNotBuyIntelInside @ 2014-02-26 04:16 from vgje - click to readUse the phone and make coment

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  • 2014-02-26 18:52
  • n1H{
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is it worth buying if the use is at average overall in gaming calls n etc

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  • 2014-02-26 11:04
  • 2S@s
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> In reply to pinky @ 2014-02-25 13:21 from X0J% - click to readNexus 5>k900>moto g

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  • 2014-02-26 08:42
  • muwB
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  • DoNotBuyIntelInside
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> In reply to pinky @ 2014-02-25 13:21 from X0J% - click to readNexus 5 the best, moto g if you want cheap and better camera.
K900 is not recommended, buy notebook if you want intel inside.

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  • 2014-02-26 04:16
  • vgje
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Best phone ,best looking,very stylish body,perfect size, very good screen ,the price at which it is available its best

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  • 2014-02-25 19:14
  • n1Hi
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which one is better to buy..! Nexus 5,Lenovo K900,or Moto G...please tell me ...

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  • 2014-02-25 13:21
  • X0J%
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Im happy have this lenovo k900, price not to axpensive i buy us$275
Or idr 3.300.000,00
,big screen,smooth touch screen to, intel processor, all made in china now,so if brand s*ms**g s4 must us$600, k900 sound is loud,almost no lag, good battery, good camera for this price.
i use for my job open pdf is fast, include everything,im not download
adobe reader,but want read rar file you must downloaded z archiver
Thank's for LENOVO made this phone...

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  • 2014-02-24 11:27
  • tDMs
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> In reply to EshanlusTe @ 2014-02-15 09:19 from t7Xr - click to readChoose k900 its far better than any other phone of lenovo.

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  • 2014-02-23 12:13
  • 7tV{
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Its great go for lenovo k900. But m not happy with its bateery performance. Apart from dat its rockstar.

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  • 2014-02-23 12:11
  • 7tV{
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> In reply to EshanlusTe @ 2014-02-15 09:19 from t7Xr - click to readLenovo k 900 is far better than any other phone of lenovo. I bought it 2 week ago and believe me its great. But m not happy with its battery back up.

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  • 2014-02-23 12:06
  • 7tV{
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The 16gb version is sold out in my region, and I have to pay extra $83 for 32gb version which is no deal for me. Common sense, with $83 I could buy maybe 8-10 32gb sd card, right?
The design is great and it's Intel based dual core can even put quad core phones to shame. But one thing to consider is its battery life. With 5'5 inch full hd display, it should come with +3000mah battery, not just 2500mah. And the battery drains faster because of its aluminium casing which contributed overheating issue. To make a comparison, a rival phone which has the same 5'5 inch display, not full hd resolution, but has a 3100mah battery.
So after a thought, I decided K900 is not worth buying. Your choice.

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  • 2014-02-23 11:31
  • 6{N9
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> In reply to Someguy @ 2014-02-22 15:52 from KZ8D - click to readUpdate to the latest OS

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  • 2014-02-23 10:33
  • GfwS
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Just bought this phone, its an AP set..the accessories is sucks..you should buy the Original.. got some trust on it..
Anyway, this phone is great.. but my complains are
1. Viber, unable to open latest version.. i really love viber..
2. The UI ,Drag and drop (Customize home tab thingy) is very irritating.. i had to press & hold the icon like 3-5 sec to drag.. if i drag the icon like i did on Xperia, it automatically swap to another tab.. if you're on bad luck, there a some lagging & the touchscreen doesnt not recognized much and slow to detect your finger back..
3. It would be the best phone for me if the phone provide external memory & battery is removable
4. you have to set the equalizer yourself, the stock equalizer on music is too much distortion
6. The "double tab to on the phone features" not did a great job.. my phone was hot while in the pocket, i realize the phone turn on it self.. maybe because of the vibrate when i walking..so the solution, i turn off..
7. the rear/main camera is not angled properly (hardware) .. its like the built quality is bad in terms of perfection looking
8.No hole for phone strap
9.Should put LTE/4G network
10.the camera quality like so grainy..

other than that, everything is good.. would rate this phone 8.5/10

*I didn't upgrade/update the firmware(So glad i didn't press okay when it ask to update bcoz i saw people didnt like it so much, battery drain prob & much more)

Adroid ver : 4.2.1

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  • 2014-02-22 15:52
  • KZ8D
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I'm unable to connect whats app in mobile data ..it only works in wifi

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  • 2014-02-20 15:38
  • 9Fwi
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> In reply to EshanlusTe @ 2014-02-15 09:19 from t7Xr - click to readont buy any if you dont want to cry your entrire life for waisting money

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  • 2014-02-19 16:41
  • bCiI
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it would have been the best ..if they have provide the battery aroun 3300 mAh...and memory card slot...otherwise it rocked

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  • 2014-02-19 13:28
  • wp2U
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