LG announces dual SIM KS660 and 3G wristwatch GD910

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The new touchscreen based LG KS660 supports two SIM cards simultaneously, while the extravagant GD910 mobile phone takes the shape of a wristwatch and shines with 3G support for video calls.

LG KS660 is a dual-SIM phone supporting tri-band GSM connectivity. It has a 3-inch TFT touchscreen display with WQVGA resolution (400x240), 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and video recording at 720x480@15fps. Additional specs include 50MB internal storage, microSD expansion slot (up to 4GB), Bluetooth and USB capabilities.

LG KS660

The unfortunate absentees are 3G and Wi-Fi. The first LG handset featuring two SIM cards will likely aim at the Asian and Eastern European markets, much like the Dual SIM lineup by Samsung.

The second mobile phone is LG GD910 and it comes in the unusual wristwatch form factor. Perhaps you remember the wristwatch prototype by LG that was displayed at the MWC 2008. Well, they've made it real this time and it would be first showcased at the CES 2009 next month.

LG GD910 is 13.9 mm thick and sports a 1.43-inch touch LCD screen. The main selling point of the device is 3G video calls thanks to the front-facing camera.

LG GD910

Anyway, behind the watch disguise you will also find HSDPA and Bluetooth connectivity, voice dialing and speech recognition, text-to-speech feature and a music player.

Currently, we don't have any information about pricing or availability of either device.




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i want this mobil watch

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The LG K660 is slow when it comes to contact search. Is there any available software that can make it faster?

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lg ks660

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