LG may be back as the second top phone manufacturer in the US

18 January, 2013 | Comments (58) | Post your comment

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Yup, after years of poor performance in the mobile phone sector, LG may actually be back on track. We last heard that they've sold some 55 million handsets in 2012, even though their Optimus G was not doing terribly well, selling only 1 million units during the first 4 months of its availability.

But hey, perhaps due to the incredible popularity of the competitively priced and Google-sanctioned LG Nexus 4 (pictured left), LG managed to outgrow Apple's 13% US market share.

According to Counterpoint Research, LG actually scored a market share of 14% in the US. Now how's that for a comeback? We are yet to see where this would take them in the quarter that lies ahead.

Of course, we would advise anyone at LG to wait for a second confirmation from another market research agency before popping up that champagne.

On a side note, Samsung is still the market leader in the US with a 33% market share in the same period.





LG may be back as the second top phone manufacturer in the US - reader comments

  • Jack

Good job LG. Need to more focas in india and asia

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  • 2013-01-22 05:18
  • Sqj}

lg optimus g. is not yet release in europe and most part of asia and africa......

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  • 2013-01-22 05:15
  • t78M
  • hellasisgreece

On which "cheap symbian phones" are you reffering to?

  • Reply
  • 2013-01-21 20:09
  • nmIu