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The AK-47 of cell phones -- light on features, but cheap, rugged and works great!

My $20 unit has outlasted several of my friends' phones costing 10-20 times as much.

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  • 2012-06-24 00:05
  • 4}pC
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This information is inaccurate on this phone. I purchased this phone for usage overseas two years ago and it comes from ATT with a 3G sim card and 3G capabilities. This data needs to be updated.

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  • 2010-08-31 08:29
  • 4cc0
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  • amoah owusu michael
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my battery is disturbing me..i dont know the reason...

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  • 2009-08-01 12:56
  • NaSx
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It's a simple decent phone...I won't speak for all the LG CG180's but I will speak for mine... The SmartChip takes a few minutes to warm up before it gets to your address book, it sometimes turns itself off and once in a while freezes. I tried using the calendar though and it fills up quickly (at least for me) so if you're busy and want to stay organized I wouldn't recommend this phone. I would say it's good for the person who wants or needs a basic phone because it's nothing fancy...

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  • 2009-05-25 18:19
  • kcNt
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this cell phone is unbelievable except for the design... 5 stars overall (\ /)
(") (")

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  • 2009-03-08 20:19
  • 0YXT
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