LG E720 and E900 spotted, the E900 may have a 1.3GHz CPU

31 August, 2010 | Comments (21) | Post your comment

Spy shots and video of the LG E900 Windows Phone 7 mobile have surfaced along with some new details - like a possible 1.3GHz Snapdragon CPU. The Froyo powered LG E720 Optimus Chic was spotted in the wild too, though new details are scarce.

Spy shots of the LG E900

Juicy new spy shots of the LG E900 along with some specs show it's a heavy hitter. It features 3.7" TFT touch screen and runs Microsoft's upcoming mobile OS, Windows Phone 7.

There's some confusion at the moment about the CPU ticking inside the LG E900 - whether it's a Snapdragon QSD8650 or Snapdragon QSD8650A. What's the difference? The QSD8650 is a Snapdragon running at 1GHz (powering the HTC Evo 4G among others), while the A version goes at 1.3GHz and it's not in any of the currently available smartphones.

We'll have to wait for official word from LG, but for now we're guessing the non-A 1GHz variant will be the heart of the LG E900. Anyway, it features a miniUSB port, 3.5mm audio jack and it will reportedly cost 300-400 US dollars (235-315 euro), which seems quite low, given the specs.

LG E720 Chic

The other LG, the LG E720 Chic, is a mid-range droid, which will launch with Android v2.2 Froyo, and should rival the HTC Wildfire. It's got a 3.2" capacitive touchscreen with WQVGA resolution, a 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS and a Qualcomm MSM7227 CPU, which will most likely run at 600MHz (it's the same unit as in the HTC Aria).

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LG E720 and E900 spotted, the E900 may have a 1.3GHz CPU - reader comments

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So after that all you only got that sentence instead of saying '1st'? You man... You're already dead from the begining with your ishit. :-)

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sweet! cant wait. time for a come back LG.

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Pretty crap hardware, good software. I see no hope for the future of the smartphone industry, it is ailing. Yeah, we keep getting the ' mine's bigger than yours'' argument in regards to the ghz BS, the truth is it's just the same, only a few seconds ...

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