LG G Flex will launch on February 1 in Europe, pre-orders up now

22 January, 2014 | Comments (3) | Post your comment

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A couple of days ago we learned that the unique LG G Flex will hit 20 European markets, but there was no exact launch date or pricing info. News from the same day revealed the G Flex's US pricing - $300 with contract which set expectations of a high Euro price.

The flexible, curved phablet has started appearing on websites of European retailer with a February 1 launch date. The pricing in the UK from Carphone Warehouse starts at a relatively low 50 for the device but that's paired with a contract with a steep monthly fee of 57 (that's on O2). There's a better offer for upgraders nothing upfront and 42 a month.

SIM-free prices in the UK run pretty high Amazon UK is asking 590, while Expansys is running the pre-order at 690. Phones4u has a news article about the G Flex coming to the UK but no pricing yet.

We also dug up the LG G Flex in Germany for some euro prices - 850 to be precise from Amazon. There's also an offer from NotebooksBillinger at 900. There are a few cheaper offerings - 750 on Amazon France but be careful with those as that's the South Korean model (F340).

Before you commit your hard earned cash, make sure to read our review of the LG G Flex as there are things you should be aware of (like the less than stellar screen quality).




LG G Flex will launch on February 1 in Europe, pre-orders up now - reader comments

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It's already in sale in Serbia for 589 Euros without contract, sim free. http://www.mobilnisvet.com/mobilni/4008/LG/G-Fle x-D955

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