LG in Barcelona - KM900 Arena, GD900, GM730, GC900 and the rest

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Traditionally LG announced quite a large pack of handsets at the start of the Mobile World Congress. While none of them manages to outdo the LG KM900 Arena which was officially unveiled last week there certainly are some interesting names.

The transparent keypad of the LG GD900 simply cannot go unnoticed, nor can the slim waistline of the WinMo-powered LG GM370 and the 8 megapixel camera of the LG GC900.

LG GD900 is definitely the most interesting handset of the bunch, offering an unprecedented see-through keypad. The manufacturer is refusing to reveal many of its specifications which suggests that it is yet in very early stages of its development. The fact that it wasn't present on the LG booth also kinda confirms that.

LG GD900

Yet another disappointment for us was the lack of any information whatsoever about the 8 megapixel LG GC900. A photo of the handset leaked this morning but LG still haven't got round to officially announcing it.

LG GM730 is a Windows Mobile-powered handset, which also sports a touch of the S-class UI. The fully touch-operated handset comes with a 3" WQVGA screen, A-GPS, Wi-Fi and a 5 megapixel camera. USB and Bluetooth connectivity is also on board and the device still manages to remain pretty slim at 11.9mm.

LG GM730

The slider LG KT770 runs on Symbian S60 3rd edition UI and comes with FP2 preinstalled. It offers a 5 megapixel camera, a 2.8" WQVGA screen, 3G with HSDPA connectivity. The internal memory will be 120MB and is expandable through the microSD card slot.

LG KT770

LG also showcased their eco-friendly phone, that has a solar panel at the back for charging its battery.

LG solar-powered phone

Of course the main star of the event is the LG KM900 Arena. There were hardly any specifications that needed clearing out here but the handset still managed to surprise us. The UI was so smoothly and fluidly running that we almost couldn't believe our eyes. We will give you more details about it in our live LG overview that is just around the corner.

LG KM900 Arena

Finally LG announced a bunch of low- and lower-mid-end phones, designed to suit the needs of the emerging markets and the users on a tight budget. You can check out their specifications here.

You can read our live LG preview here.




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how much plz say its well cool :)

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how much is the crystal then? so i can buy it :)

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