LG in Barcelona: KF in focus

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LG are hitting it hard in Barcelona with a dozen of handsets showcased today. There are quite a few exciting features across the bunch, which is quite an all-round offering in terms of form factor, OS, user interface and functionality.

LG KF700

We start with the spanking novelty LG KF700 - a multimedia slider, which stands out with its multiple control-and-navigation methods. The handset puts together a 3" touchscreen display, slide-out standard keypad and the novel Shortcut Dial at the back. Managing a virtual on-screen dial, it allows quick access to user-defined features across applications and menu levels. The dial has the added functionality of scrolling web pages and messages, volume control and zooming.

LG new phones LG new phones LG new phones LG new phones
LG KF700

LG KF700 sports a full featured Web browser integrating Google Search, Blogs, Gmail, Maps and Youtube. HSDPA enhances web browsing and makes video calls possible. Other goodies include an MP3 player, MPEG4 video player, 3 megapixel camera with autofocus and image stabilizer, Bluetooth and microSD memory expansion.

The tri-band slider offers a 3" 262K-color touchscreen display with a resolution of 240 x 480 pixels.

The phone will start selling in Europe towards the end of 1Q 2008, before it gets available in other markets.

LG KF600

Next in line is the European debut of the LG KF600, at which we recently had a brief look. Its key feature is the InteractPad - a small touch-sensitive display beneath the main screen that is used for navigation, with context-specific virtual keys that change across applications. To enhance the user experience, the InteractPad is haptic-enabled.

LG new phones LG new phones LG new phones LG new phones
LG KF600

The user interface of the LG KF600 takes full advantage of the eight graphic themes designed by graffiti artists Keith Haring, that can remarkably change the look and feel of the device.

The LG KF600 multimedia capabilities include a 3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, video recording and FM radio. The handset offers Bluetooth 2.0 and a microSD card slot.

The tri-band slider, with EDGE support but no HSDPA, features a 262K-color 2" QVGA display, the InteractPad is 1.5" 262K-color with a resolution of 240 x 176 pixels. The LG KF600 will be available in pastel pink, shiny pink, wine red and titan.


The slim slider LG KF510 is another handset we informed you of just recently.

At just 10.9 mm thick, the slim LG KF510 flaunts a metal frame with a special metal gradation paintjobs in Stardust Dark Gray or Sunset Red.

LG new phones LG new phones LG new phones LG new phones
LG KF510

Featuring the Interactive Touch Lighting technology, the friendly handling of LG KF510 is on par with its attractive exterior. The key features include a 3 megapixel AF camera with flash, MP3 player, QVGA video recording and playback, FM radio.

The tri-band handset offers EDGE, Bluetooth with A2DP, USB and a microSD card slot. The tempered-glass covered 2.2" 262K-color display supports QVGA resolution. The LG-KF510 will be available in March.

Among the other announcements today was the LG KT610 - a Symbian S60 device offering a full QWERTY keyboard and taking after the Nokia Communicator handsets.

Another slider, LG KT520 is an Internet phone, sporting the new finger mouse for 360-degree navigation, HSDPA and a 3.2 megapixel shooter.

LG KM500 is a music-enabled slider pitched as a professional quality music phone with a 2 megapixel camera.

Another music slider, LG KM710 runs on easy music control through the front Jog Wheel and music interactive display.

LG KM330 sports the flip-down form factor with dedicated player keys on the flip. Armed with a 1.3megapixel shooter, the KM330 is a downright immediate rival of SE W350.

The highlights of the LG KB620 clamshell are DVB-H and the Mobile XD engine.

The KF310 is a browsing-centric slider with a 2 megapixel camera.

The last of the pack are the low-end clamshell LG KP235 and the LG KP130 bar.

While not all of them are groundbreaking devices, we'll definitely be on the lookout for the KF700 for its enhanced data capabilities and the KF600, which managed to get us alert a while ago with its remarkable navigation.

You can find more information and live photos of the newly announced LG phones in our LG overview from the MWC 2008.




LG in Barcelona: KF in focus - reader comments

  • ND

Excellent n unique design, i love LG!! Good done!

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  • 2008-03-08 06:15
  • wHSL
  • Anonymous

hmm d m1 that sounds good.

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  • 2008-02-13 20:36
  • myM}
  • John

The KF700 is coming to O2 in the UK on the 24th of this month, and there's another handset due to be released by LG on O2 just known as the M1, no idea what that could be

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  • 2008-02-12 16:37
  • D8XA