LG KE850, KE770, KG910 at iF design

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While browsing through the iF product design awards 2007 we noticed not one, but three unannounced LG phones - KE850, KE770 and KG910.

The LG KE850, also known as "Prada phone" has a large touchscreen display and strikingly resembles the recently announced Apple iPhone. We don't know much about the technical specifications of the new LG phone, but some leaked photos of the interface look quite similar to what we have seen on the Apple iPhone presentation last week. Here is the short presentation of the LG KE850 from the iF design award web site...

Featuring a streamlined display with "concealed" keypad, the KE 850 clearly differentiates itself from all other existing products on the market. The "buttons" on the 3-inch touch screen are operated by touching the LCD screen directly with your finger. To create a sense of luxury, we used a leather case to contrast with the high glossy black and metal texture deco. Duplicate injection technology was used for the display screen, and the body deploys glass fiber to reinforce the strength.

LG KE850 LG KE850 LG KE850 LG KE850
LG KE850

The LG KE770 is clearly a bar version of the LG Shine slider phone announced in October 2006. According to iF design site...

The product projects a slim design that dispenses with all unnecessary separation lines, creating a premium digital camera look. The stainless steel body imparts a luxury image to the design - and adds to the phone's durability and shock resistance. The steel casing with blue lighting gives it a sleek appearance. When the phone is off, the display panel can conveniently be used as a mirror. You can use this phone to view Microsoft Office and PDF files. The corners are rounded to reduce the risk of damage caused by the exterior metal.

LG KE770 LG KE770
LG KE770

The LG KG910 is one more Chocolate phone, this time in clamshell form factor. The touch sensitive keypad in KG910 serves as an MP3 player control only.

The KG910 in high-gloss black inspires a sense of premium design and luxury. The simple, sleek black design appeals to a wide range of target groups. The keypad features large, easy-to-push keys, and a magnifying function for transmitting messages adds to user convenience. Magnesium and glass fiber are deployed for the body to increase the strength and durability and improve shock absorption.

LG KG910 LG KG910
LG KG910

The iF product design award is one of the world’s three leading design awards and can look back proudly on a 50-old-year history. Every year at the Hannover Exhibition Centre some 2,000 products from around 37 nations are judged by renowned experts, with the best of them receiving an iF seal of outstanding design quality – a worldwide brand with high recognition value, guaranteeing its owner a place on the cutting edge of contemporary design.




LG KE850, KE770, KG910 at iF design - reader comments

  • kster

wen this thing comes out it will be atleast $1000

  • Reply
  • 2007-04-19 10:21
  • i244
  • kenny

the touchscreen thing on the prada must be pressure sensitive so that if ever user wants his/her fingers or the stylus to tap the menus it will work. not the finger tap only touchscreen. for me it isn't great.

  • Reply
  • 2007-03-25 13:40
  • whBa
  • kaye

does anyone know when the lg prada phone get released in the uk?

  • Reply
  • 2007-02-21 17:53
  • M$iR