LG KF750 Secret review: No secret, all guts

GSMArena team, 05 June 2008.
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Connectivity: All aboard

The connectivity options of LG KF750 Secret are enough to suit almost any taste. For starters, USB v2.0 works great and even grants access to the phone's internal memory in data storage mode. The problem here is that the phone is unusable for calls and messaging during a USB connection to PC, which might be inconvenient at times.

Bluetooth is also version 2.0 and has the A2DP profile supported. We had no problem pairing our unit with a third party headset, so compatibility issues don't seem probable.

As far as network connectivity is concerned, the phone features GPRS and EDGE, topped with 3G. HSDPA comes as a welcome bonus to make sure the Secret is well geared in terms of fast data transfers. Finally we've got the hot-swap memory card slot. On some occasions it might turn out the easiest (and fastest) way of transferring data from and to your LG KF750 Secret.

Browser is good, we've seen better

We are pleased with the LG KF750 web browser. It offers good page rendering and even the most elaborate web pages have little trouble fitting on the screen. Plus, with the optimized rendering mode text is even easier to read. The downside is that the page no longer looks as if browsed on PC.

The web browser of LG KF750 also has a virtual mouse pointer that jumps between links. However, just like the one on LG KF600, the mouse pointer moves rather illogically, which can become irritating on more complex pages. You can hardly foresee its next step when a lot of links are placed close together.

LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret
LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret
LG KF750 Secret's web browser is pleasing

Otherwise the phone is doing great. In addition to the rendering mode setting there are also settings for caching web pages and accepting cookies. Finally, you can disable images to save some traffic.

Organizer and applications have evolved

The organizer is another improved part of LG KF750 Secret in comparison to the LG KF510 and KF600. It now has better time-management capabilities, and the applications offer user-friendly interface and a lot of options.

The calendar offers daily, weekly and monthly view modes and three different events available for setting. Those are: anniversary, birthday and appointment, and each of them has its own unique fields. Naturally alarms can also be set up to remind you of the event at a given time.

LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret
Calendar view modes setting up an event

The LG KF750 Secret also features a really advanced alarm clock application. It handles up to 5 different alarms, each with its own name, ringtone and repeat interval.

LG KF750 Secret
Alarm clock application is really advanced

There are also three ways to make memos on your KF750: Memo, secret memo and voice recorder. The secret memo allows you to protect your notes with a password, while the voice recorder can come in handy for making audio memos.

LG KF750 Secret
Voice recorder interface

An interesting but questionably useful organizer application is the Date finder. It can instantly tell you what day of the week any given date will be. It can also tell you the date after a given number of days. So if you are wondering what date it will be 90 days after today you can check that out at the expense of only a few clicks with the Secret. Now here comes the question of how often one would need such information but let's say it doesn't hurt having this application for punctuality's sake.

LG KF750 Secret
Date finder application's usefulness is questionable

The calculator offers a good number of functions. Navigating it is also very nice and easy with the touch pad.

LG KF750 Secret
The calculator application is very nice

The World Clock application is a nice little helper that can tell you the current time in any time zone. In terms of layout and graphics it's really great and it also has an extremely large database of cities for each region and time zone. The only thing missing is a search option to make selecting a location easier but that's something we can live with.

LG KF750 Secret
World time application

Next in line is the built-in Picsel document reader. It is capable of handling all popular document formats - .xls, .doc and .pdf - and once again can be accessed from two different menus. When you launch it from the Touch media menu, it is touch operated and we find this much more convenient, especially when browsing larger documents. In addition, it has nice interface and good functionality. Add the great speed and you'll understand why we are so pleased with it.

LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret
Picsel File Viewer scores a point for the LG KF750 Secret

Finally, there's a stopwatch and a unit converter - they both feature decent functionality, no bangs and whistles. Truth be told, we are not exactly ecstatic about the set of conversions it has to offer. It has the most commonly used measures and currency conversions but we have seen some handsets do even better.

LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret
Stopwatch and unit converter are also onboard

Accelerometer gaming is on board

There are three games preinstalled on LG KF750 Secret: GrandGolf, SudokuPuzzle and M-Toy.

The GrandGolf is a Java interpretation of the popular game. It is comparatively easy to play and if you like such games it just might be worth your time.

LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret
Grand Golf game

There isn't much to tell about the SudokuPuzzle game either. There are three difficulty levels, which should be enough for different types of users.

LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret
Sudoku puzzle

Finally we come to the M-toy game. It is in fact a set of 6 mini-games, which put the built-in accelerometer to use. We found them entertaining enough and the accelerometer response really precise.

LG KF750 Secret
The M-toy set of games

The six games that are part of the M-Toy application are Dart, Homerun Derby, Magic Ball, Hammer, Maze, and Fishing. Dart is a darts game where you send your darts flying by swinging the handset itself. The Homerun Derby is a baseball batting game where you play as the batter unleashing your bat again by swinging the handset.

LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret
The Dart and Homerun Derby games

Then there's the Hammer, where you play a hammer thrower - swinging the handset around builds up power before you finally release the hammer with the D-pad. The Maze game includes navigating a ball around an increasingly complex maze.

LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret
The Hammer and Maze games

Then there's the Fishing game, where you play as the angler controlling your fishing rod - you are responsible of swinging your rod to the right place and then reeling back the fishing line once you have a fish on your hook.

LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret
The Fishing game

And finally, the Magic Ball is pretty self explanatory - the Magic 8-Ball is a well-known yes/no fortune telling game but the LG implementation is not that traditional and at times offers some really funny answers.

LG KF750 Secret LG KF750 Secret
The Magic Ball game

Final words

To wrap it up, we are impressed with the LG KF750 Secret. Once again we've got proof that LG are committed to improving a little something in every new high-end handset they release and not just replicate and facelift old designs.

We are so pleased with the Secret mainly because that it's a lot of fun to use. It has the looks to get your attention and the features to keep it. What is more, on almost every occasion its performance lives up to the promise of the specs sheet.

Of course, it is not all bed of roses for the KF750. It has its imperfections just like any other device on the market. The sunlight legibility issues of the screen and the limited touch control do give market rivals a chance. However we still find the LG Secret capable enough of standing its ground in the highly competitive high-end segment.

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