LG KM570 Cookie Gig review: Live at the arena

GSMArena team, 26 May 2010.
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Modest retail package

The LG KM570 Cookie Gig comes in a compact package that carries only the essentials. There’s a charger that uses the microUSB cable to connect to the phone. A one-piece handsfree is also supplied, though it’s nothing special.

LG KM570 Cookie Gig LG KM570 Cookie Gig LG KM570 Cookie Gig
There isn't much stuff in the box

A mini CD with the needed software and some printed manuals can be found in the box, though the phone includes an animated walkthrough for basic operation, which is more than enough to get you started.

There is no memory card in the box, but the LG Cookie Gig comes with a 4GB of built-in memory, which is enough for a decently sized music collection.

LG KM570 Cookie Gig 360-degree spin

The LG KM570 Cookie Gig measures 105.9 x 52.6 x 11.9 mm – about the same dimensions as the KM900 Arena, just a bit narrower and a hair thinner. As far as touch operated phones go, the Cookie Gig is on the compact side of things but still finds room for a 3” screen. At 87 grams, the KM570 Cookie Gig feels light as a feather in your pocket.

Design and construction

The LG KM570 Cookie Gig takes after the LG KM900 Arena – in fact, the front of the Gig can easily fool you. That’s a fine compliment for the young Cookie Gig – we always appreciate premium looks within budget.

LG KM570 Cookie Gig LG KM570 Cookie Gig LG KM570 Cookie Gig
The LG KM570 Cookie Gig looks good

One of the defining features of the LG Arena was the excellent high resolution touchscreen.

Despite being nicknamed the Arena II in certain markets, the LG KM570 Cookie Gig has the screen resolution of the original Cookie instead – 240 x 400 pixels on a 3” screen. That’s exactly a quarter of the pixels that the Arena has on the same screen estate. The Cookie Gig’s touchscreen is a resistive unit – the phone has a budget to meet.

The screen has decent colors and viewing angles indoors but the blacks are not solid enough, even for a TFT. It’s quite sensitive and registers even light presses. We do miss though the sharpness that the WVGA resolution brings – especially when reading text.

LG KM570 Cookie Gig
A WQVGA resistive display – the Cookie Gig has to stay within budget

Sunlight legibility is sub-par. The screen layers are quite reflective and it’s hard to find an angle that doesn’t reflect sunlight, obscuring everything on the screen.

Besides the touchscreen, the front panel of the LG Cookie Gig also features the earpiece, which doubles as the loudspeaker, the video-call camera at the top as well as the proximity sensor.

LG KM570 Cookie Gig
The video-call camera and earpiece on top

Below the screen, there are the three touch-sensitive controls: menu, call and end keys. They use the same haptic feedback as the screen and the transition is as smooth as it gets.

LG KM570 Cookie Gig
The three keys at the bottom

The left side of LG KM570 Cookie Gig features the microUSB port and the volume rocker. The microUSB port is used both for charging and data transfers with a computer.

On the right-hand side of the Cookie Gig is the shutter key. The keys are wider than their equivalents on the LG KM900 Arena and easier to use.

LG KM570 Cookie Gig LG KM570 Cookie Gig LG KM570 Cookie Gig LG KM570 Cookie Gig
The volume rocker and microUSB port on the left • shutter key on the right side of the LG Cookie Gig

The top hosts the 3.5mm standard audio jack, the Power/Lock key and the battery cover latch. The power key is a bit too small, but comfortably raised. It’s still ok to use and accidental presses are unlikely.

LG KM570 Cookie Gig LG KM570 Cookie Gig LG KM570 Cookie Gig
The 3.5mm jack is on top, along with the tiny power key and rear cover release button

There are no controls or connectivity ports at the bottom of the LG Cookie Gig.

LG KM570 Cookie Gig
There is nothing at the bottom

The back side of the LG KM570 Cookie Gig hosts the 5 megapixel camera lens with no extras – no LED flash or lens protection.

LG KM570 Cookie Gig LG KM570 Cookie Gig
The 5 megapixel camera lens is prone to scratches

The 900 mAh Li-Ion battery of the Cookie Gig is quoted at 300 hours of stand-by and 6 hours and 40 minutes of talk time. It lasted us just over two days of testing, which is about as much heavy users can expect from the Cookie Gig.

LG KM570 Cookie Gig
The 900 mAh battery performs pretty decently

The microSD card slot is also placed under the battery cover but it is still hot-swappable. As we managed to confirm, the LG KM570 Cookie Gig can easily handle a 16GB microSD card – you get access to the card instantaneously, there’s no initialization period.

The battery cover has brushed metal finish but it’s made of plastic – still, it’s pleasant to the touch and does a good job of concealing fingerprints, unlike the glossy frame on the front and of course the touchscreen itself.

At 11.9 mm the Cookie Gig is fairly thin, but its rounded corners slim it down even further. The glossy strip on the front and the faux brushed metal finish at the back make it quite a looker. The Blue color version that we tested looked great, but you can opt for the Prism Violet hue or the classic Silver Black variety.

LG KM570 Cookie Gig LG KM570 Cookie Gig LG KM570 Cookie Gig
LG KM570 Cookie Gig in hand • size comparison vs. iPhone vs. Samsung Blue Earth

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