LG KM900 Arena leaks, touchscreen fans leap with joy

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Today is a great day for touchscreen lovers. After Toshiba announced their WinMo-powered multimedia monster, it's now LG prime time. A photo of the high-end touchscreen phone LG KM900 Arena leaked online. The handset features a high quality touch display with a new innovative 3D user interface boldly named "S-Class".

LG KM900 Arena (kindly named after our website, thanks LG!) appeared on a phone retailer brochure in the Netherlands. As you can see its metallic design is quite similar to the Samsung i900 Omnia. However, the new device is more compact than the Omnia and runs on a new UI, called S-Class, which bears some resemblance to the Apple iPhone's.

Whether or not it will also have a capacitive touchscreen and multi-touch support is yet unknown.

LG KM900 Arena features a 5 megapixel camera with DVD quality video recording capabilities (don't you just love LG current D1 video?) and DivX playback (much appreciated!). The rich connectivity options include Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi.

However we will have to wait for the official announcement (probably at the MWC 2009) before drawing any conclusions.

Stay tuned and we will update you as soon as we get more info.





LG KM900 Arena leaks, touchscreen fans leap with joy - reader comments

  • Mickey

this phone is so amazing!!! i love it

  • Reply
  • 2011-09-15 21:14
  • FrqW
  • Anonymous

This is an awful phone. The touchscreen freezes. And breaks. Sometimes it turns itself off. Occasionally the touchscreen does niching and you have to let it go off naturally before attempting to use it again. Most of all, it attempts to be similar to...

  • Reply
  • 2010-11-14 13:52
  • 9Lx9
  • sticky

Well, I'm having quite a laugh at all those who say this is an iPhone copy because it's not, it's got a better resolution, better camera which is fantastic for videos and plenty of internal memory, and let's not forget what the iPhone will never ever...

  • Reply
  • 2010-02-21 17:57
  • nr5b