LG KT610 review: Communicator wannabe

GSMArena team, 27 August 2008.
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Rich customization options

If you get bored with the phone's looks, you can always change the theme. There's a single preinstalled theme on LG KT610 but downloading additional ones is a piece of cake. Those are all around the internet so sky is the limit here. Unfortunately the looks of the external screen cannot be altered in any way (not even the wallpaper).

LG KT610 LG KT610
You can easily change the wallpaper of your KT610

Symbian phonebooks - no reason to grumble

Symbian phonebooks are a real treat - they are easy to use and have practically unlimited capabilities. The number of entries is only limited by the available memory, which means that you will have no problems even with thousands of contacts.

Depending on your liking, contacts can be ordered by either first or last name. You can then search by scrolling through names or by gradual typing of any of the names of a contact. The phone will search in both first and last name fields, as well as additional names in those fields. This means that even if a contact has a really complicated name, you will have no problem finding it provided you remember at least a part of it.

LG KT610 LG KT610 LG KT610
The contacts can be arranged by either first or last name and can be searched by gradual typing of the desired name

While editing a contact, you can select from a huge number of preset fields, which you can repeat as many times as you like. There is virtually no way any information about the contact will have to be left out. You can attach as many numbers as you like to each contact as well. Finally, if by some very rare chance, you happen to need a field that doesn't exist, you can always duplicate one of the already existing and simply rename it.

LG KT610 LG KT610
You can add a huge number of fields when editing a contact gives you

The Call log department has always been a Symbian strength too. The LG KT610 is no exception, offering a detailed record of all your communications for the past 30 days. It stores all the calls, messages and even data transfers for that period. You can also reduce the amount of saved data but it doesn't use up that much space so such a choice is unlikely.

LG KT610 LG KT610
The call log application is among the S60 phones' elements

There is also a more convenient way to access your latest calls. Pressing the call key in standby brings up three tabs on the screen. Each of them holds up to 20 missed or received calls, or dialed numbers.

Messaging: communicators rule

With the large and comfortable full QWERTY keyboard and the great software support of the S60 UI, LG KT610 is one of the best texting devices around. The software layout is almost perfect and completely on par with the great ergonomics of the keyboard.

The SMS editor is a very intuitive and easy to use application. It has a counter of the characters left to the limit of 160. There is also an indicator in brackets showing the number of separate parts the message will be divided into for sending should that limit be exceeded. If you are exiting the message editor without having sent the message, the editor offers to either save it to the drafts folder or delete it.

LG KT610 LG KT610
Typing an SMS to Dexter is as easy as it gets with the LG KT610

Naturally, a delivery report can be activated if the user prefers. The reports pop up on the screen, and are consequently saved in a separate folder in the messaging sub-menu. This is surely one of the most convenient ways of dealing with delivery reports.

The MMS editor is almost identical to the one just described. The only noticeable difference is the added subject line and the option of inserting multimedia content.

Finally, there is also an audio message editor. It can either record the message on the fly or use a previously recorded sound clip.

The great email client won't surprise anyone who has ever used a Symbian powered phone. It supports POP3 and IMAP protocols and can download headers only, as well as entire messages. There is also support for attachments and SSL/TLS communication protocols, so with LG KT610 you will have no trouble meeting almost any emailing requirement.

LG KT610
The emails are typed in a similar manner

The email client can be set to automatically check mail at a preset interval and the number of maximum retrieved messages can also be configured. All this adds up to a great messaging experience on the LG KT610 - the handset has passed the dream texting device exam with flying colors.

LG KT610 LG KT610 LG KT610
The email client is very convenient

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