MWC 2009: LG overview

GSMArena team, 16 February 2009.
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LG also took the opportunity to showcase their GD910 wrist watch phone. The device made its first public appearance on last year's MWC but now it seems almost good to go.

The LG GD910 is the first 3G wrist watch phone that allows voice commands and video calls. It packs a 1.4" TFT touchscreen, quad-band GMS/3G/HSDPA with video-call support, Bluetooth connectivity and a nice looking Flash-based user interface.

There's a workaround for texting too, though obviously on the receiving end only - LG GD910 has text-to-speech capabilities for your convenience. Alright, maybe there will be a way to send text too, but the screen estate does not exactly imply typing bliss. There is also a secondary CIF camera if 3G video calls are your thing. Despite its small size GD910 uses an appropriate Li-Ion battery allowing near 250 hours of stand-by and 2 hours full of talk time.

As you can expect, the innovative gadget has been shown alongside the other new LG handsets at this Mobile World Congress. Unfortunately it was behind glass, so we couldn't do much more than take a few live photos, which you see posted below.

Garmin-Asus Garmin-Asus Garmin-Asus Garmin-Asus
LG GD910 watch phone

At least we got confirmation that the device will hit the shelves in Q2 of this year. Unfortunately the guys over at the booth weren't willing (or able) to talk dinero.

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