Black LG Optimus G Pro on the way, value pack now available

15 April, 2013 | Comments (18) | Post your comment

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LG Optimus G Pro was announced back in February and was released earlier this month (though availability is still relatively limited). So far the LG phablet flagship was available only in white color, but as it turns out LG is prepping a black version as well.

LG Optimus G Pro in black

According to LG's official Facebook page the black Optimus G Pro will launch "very soon". The G Pro in black looks really nice and its back has the same texture as the Nexus 4.

Meanwhile LG has launched the Value Pack update for the Optimus G Pro. It brings Smart Video feature we already saw in the Galaxy S4 - the video playback pauses when you are not looking the screen. The Value Pack also includes dual camera shooting (for pictures), pause and resume video recording, improved camera quality and call performance.

The Value Pack update is already available for download over-the-air and weighs about 86MB.

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Black LG Optimus G Pro on the way, value pack now available - reader comments

  • Anonymous

lol note2 eat dusts........ G pro rocks....... just admit it!

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  • 2013-04-17 23:45
  • t78y
  • HellSlayer

This phone is trying to compete with Note 2 which has been available for 6 months already. Those who want a big size phone now are late adopters who are more price sensitive and Note 2 still holds the advantage.

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  • 2013-04-17 08:11
  • P$IG
  • Anonymous

Well, this phones has the best 13MP camera, best colors, contrast, noise reduction. Just for your information if that's more important for someone rather than its performance.

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  • 2013-04-16 17:53
  • LfZF