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Pros: Cheap, Android 4.0 (ICS), 4 inch screen, long battery life, SD card support up to 32 GB, slim and lightweight.

Cons: Disturbing glow on screen, performance and annoying lag, apps cannot be moved to SD card

Reccomendation: Great device compared to price. Performance geeks should look for more expensive models.

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  • 2013-01-21 16:40
  • 9xH{
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1) Excellent solid L look with 4" screen
2) For 800mhz phone.. 1500mAh battery is nice
3) Good internal memory 2.6GB(user available)
4) 5MP with Flash
5) ICS

1) Given 512MB RAM but user available RAM is just 391MB
2) Apps cannot be moved to SD card(Very big drawback)
3) Low resolution with just 144 ppi
4) No front cam
5) Can play only 480p and not more than that(Even in MX Player)

Overall good piece..

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  • 2013-01-21 06:43
  • XuQ7
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where can i find the radio app on this phone? i've searched everywhere and i just cant seem to find it.
Device model: LG-E617G

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  • 2013-01-19 18:15
  • S0u6
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i have this phone. i think its one of the most beautiful phones ever. but that is everythink good.
the resolution is really bad and almost all of games lag, but i must mention that battery life is very good. if i play games and listen to music it still have more then 60% after one day (example: my mother have prestigio phone and she dont play games or sth like that. she just call several times a day and her battery is low (20%) in one day

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  • 2013-01-19 11:54
  • 3@b1
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Is there a notification light for messages and missed calls? Please, I need a reply urgently. Thanks

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  • 2013-01-18 16:20
  • fkx$
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Hey Praveen,

Point 7 is wrong. Download FB and then you get a choice to sync fb contacts with your phone contacts.
Viber can be downloaded and it works if yours friends are active on viber. I didn' t feel viber as user friendly.

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  • 2013-01-18 06:00
  • U{Rd
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->Rate 1 - Least & 10- Best
1. UI - 6
2. Camera - 2 (5MP - Probably LG thought Customers doesn't know what is 5MP?)
3. Music Player - 7
4. Video Player - 5
5. Hangs (While Playing games) - 6
6. Sync - 5 or 10 ( Depends)
Priority gives for Google+ contacts.
7. Sync - FB Contacts - 0 9 it wont Sync FB Contacts)
8. Handy - 7
9. Battery - 8
You still have many options in Mobile market for the same price!!!

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  • 2013-01-17 18:41
  • t}gg
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Is there an instagram or viber in this phone? Or can I download the said application?

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  • 2013-01-17 11:09
  • 7X9d
  • Q

As soon as you pick the phone out of box, you will love it. Once you switch ON, you will feel that you bought really a bad phone, with worst pixels, worst cam, viewing angles and so on. Then you got to install ucam, dolphine browser, aps to sd ( orange colour) , file manager, send to sd, lock. Then use this phone. In a week you will fall in love with this phone. I do accept that making a call is quite difficult as there is a delay in dialing. Good battery for sure. If you find better phone plz go for it. If you have alreadybought this one try using it using all the apps i recomended. It will be user friendly.

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  • 2013-01-17 06:43
  • U{hs
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i bought it in 12300 rs and i have to say that except its look it's the worst phone i ever had ,

4" display is very bad ,you can easy see the pixels on display , it display resolution looks like a carpet where lines are going left or right on. if display is so poor then what's the use of a smart phone.

camera is okay but video recording is very poor and flash light is have on use.

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  • 2013-01-16 05:01
  • Xuax
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> In reply to Jt @ 2013-01-12 17:37 from t7Xr - click to readMost android phones are on their default system and you can't move some apps to sd card so u need to do something..U'll just need to root ur phone and download app like app2sd to move ur apps to sd card...

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  • 2013-01-15 23:14
  • P@1G
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> In reply to Jt @ 2013-01-12 17:37 from t7Xr - click to readHey buddy! Ur naive! Many android phones can't install apps on sd card and Lg optimus l5 is not the only one! i think almost all android phones can't install apps on it's sd card...and i think that LG optimus l5 is perfect for it's mid range price!

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  • 2013-01-15 22:57
  • P@1G
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> In reply to Boodey @ 2013-01-12 12:53 from N3xg - click to readi brought this mobile 1month back and i sold with in a weak very bad display,camera,
good battery life.
wont work much good clarity vdos

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  • 2013-01-15 13:29
  • 7tKu
  • H

hi...im going to buy this phone tomorrow... and i need a good advice,help,and suggestions....the resolution is not a big deal to me but how to transfer apps. to sd card. i need a complete step by step tutorial to make this phone user friendly....all the help would be needed....and thanks in advance...^_^

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  • 2013-01-14 15:39
  • v0q4
  • Q

Bad resolution and cannot install apps on SD CARD. It sucks!!

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  • 2013-01-12 17:37
  • t7Xr
  • U

Please someone tell us about the display
is it so bad or it isn't that bad and i can cope with it?

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  • 2013-01-12 12:53
  • N3xg
  • U

t is bad phone....karboon is better than this...lf phone was hang of every time..when i m playing game nd doing call...very faltu phone..nd app cant move mobile 2 sd card...bec inter is 4 gb..f...k this phone...

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  • 2013-01-12 12:50
  • P$6K
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> In reply to LeRoCk @ 2013-01-11 12:37 from K4Mg - click to readhey
it plans to have NFC...
but it haven't programmed (in software) to use NFC...
maybe in future you will able to use it

but i dont think so

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  • 2013-01-12 08:48
  • B}k2
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> In reply to DsM @ 2013-01-10 12:40 from Kx5y - click to readwhat? I didn't get a thing of what you just said. Please use some proper English.

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  • 2013-01-11 14:38
  • T3LK
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Hello! in this page say that this smartphone have NFC, I bought it but i think that no have this option... my question is, have or not? how i use?

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  • 2013-01-11 12:37
  • K4Mg
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