Live Coverage: Mobile World Congress 2010 as it unfolds

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That's all folks! The MWC 2010 finally ended yesterday. It was a hectic week full of interesting announcements, exciting new devices and almost no sleep. But thanks to Barcelona for such a warm welcome yet another year.

More than 49,000 visitors from 200 countries attended the 2010 GSMA Mobile World Congress. The event welcomed 1,300 exhibiting companies and occupied more than 56,000 net square meters of exhibition and business meeting space.

MWC 2010

Unfortunately, Nokia didn't make a product announcement despite all the rumors. In fact Samsung, of all manufacturers, was the only company to present a ground-breaking mobile phone (a new OS and a new type of display). But even they didn't show anything interesting alongside it.

Anyway, we still found some interesting topics and devices to cover but we leave this year's congress with mixed feelings - mainly due to our high initial expectations.

At least we hope you've enjoyed our coverage.

Last updates

Toshiba TG02 video (18 Feb 23:00)
Sony Ericsson Aspen hands-on (18 Feb 10:30)
Huawei U8110, U8100 live photos and video (17 Feb 18:00)
HTC Smart live photos and video (16 Feb 17:30)
Acer P400, P300, E400, E110, Liquid e hands-on (17 Feb 17:00)
Opera Mini for iPhone and Opera Mobile for Android hands-on (17 Feb 13:00)

MWC 2010 overview

Nokia and Intel combine Maemo and Moblin into MeeGo

Nokia has not announced any new phones at the MWC 2010

Samsung at MWC 2010: Wave is the name, Bada is the game
Exclusive! All new Samsung phones caught live in our camera

Samsung S8500 Wave - specs preview hands-on with camera and 720p video samples
Samsung I8520 Beam - specs hands-on
Samsung C3200 Monte Bar - specs live pics
Samsung E2550 Monte Slider - specs live pics
Samsung B3410W Ch@t - specs live pics
Samsung E2370 - specs live pics

Sony Ericsson pre-MWC event live coverage
Sony Ericsson at MWC 2010: XPERIA and Vivaz go pro

Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro - specs press conference hands-on
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini - specs press conference hands-on
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini pro - specs press conference hands-on
Sony Ericsson Aspen - specs hands-on

Microsoft announces the all new Windows Phone 7 Series platform
MWC 2010: Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series demonstration on video

LG GD880 Mini - specs hands-on preview
LG GT540 - specs hands-on
LG GW990 MID - specs hands-on

HTC Legend, HTC Desire and HTC HD Mini ready to roll

HTC Desire - specs hands-on
HTC Legend - specs hands-on
HTC HD Mini - specs hands-on
HTC Smart - hands-on

Three new Androids and two new PocketPCs from Acer

Acer beTouch E110 - specs hands-on
Acer beTouch E400 - specs hands-on
Acer neoTouch P300 - specs hands-on
Acer neoTouch P400 - specs hands-on
Acer Liquid e - specs hands-on

Toshiba roll out two super-slim smartphones, TG02 and K01

Toshiba TG02 - specs live pics
Toshiba K01 - specs live pics

Motorola QUENCHes thirst for Android without QWERTY

Motorola QUENCH (CLIQ XT) - specs live pics

ELSE Mobile First Else - hands-on

Huawei U8100 - specs live pics
Huawei U8110 - specs live pics
Huawei U8300 - specs live pics
Huawei U8800 - specs live pics

Alcatel OT-606 One Touch CHAT - specs live pics
Alcatel OT-710 - specs live pics
Alcatel OT-800 - specs live pics
Alcatel OT-806 - specs live pics
Alcatel OT-808 - specs live pics
Alcatel OT-880 One Touch XTRA - specs live pics
Alcatel OT-909 - specs live pics
Alcatel OT-980 - specs live pics




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Because I have been using the brand which offers the best reception and voice quality in the market, which is "not" Apple for sure. I tried this brand's Symbian phones...first one was fine (even to-date), except the old style charger p...

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and you use android because? I still didnt get an answer.

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You are all stark raving mad! The best two phone firms, are both: APPLE & NOKIA The rest are trash!

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