Live image of Motorola DROID Ultra limited edition surfaces

23 July, 2013 | Comments (7) | Post your comment

Press renders of the Motorola Droid Ultra has appeared a few times already and now we have a live image of what seems to be a limited edition DROID Ultra smartphone.

We can see that the Kevlar back comes with a V-shape design and has a red stripe that runs down. The Motorola logo has a red background, while the international version seems to have a black back.

The Motorola Droid Ultra "limited edition" is rumored to be designed exclusively for Verizon employees or early adopters.

Verizon will be unveiling the Droid lineup today and we will know more about the specifications, features, pricing and the availability of the smartphones. We will be bringing all the latest news from the event, so stay tuned.

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Live image of Motorola DROID Ultra limited edition surfaces - reader comments

  • lol

youre beautifully correct!

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  • 2013-07-24 13:27
  • t7Eb
  • Droidman

Not all of the quad cores do that, i have a nexus 4 & it has a great battery life. charge it it every 2 days ;)

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  • 2013-07-24 08:13
  • p@5m
  • Konstantin Ivanov

have X8 too but..cmon man its 3 years old and u say that our battery is good? cmon... xD

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  • 2013-07-23 21:15
  • 0nnB