Nokia by Microsoft branding spotted on Lumia 830

05 July, 2014 | Comments (74) | Post your comment

A couple of days ago we showed you the first purported images depicting an upcoming mid-range Nokia smartphone. As this is supposedly going to serve as the successor to the Lumia 820 from 2012, we assume it will be called Lumia 830.

Now it's been spotted in a brand new leaked render, this one courtesy of Chinese search engine Baidu.

The most intriguing thing about it is obviously the new branding: Nokia by Microsoft, as you can see.

As recently as last week it's been rumored that something like this would happen, and in the leaked image above we get our first confirmation of sorts.

So the consequences of Microsoft purchasing Nokia are going to slowly start showing up. One wonders if there isn't a plan to gradually phase out the Nokia brand entirely - maybe in a year or two we'll see Microsoft's name on smartphones by itself.

Until that happens, though, let's focus on the Lumia 830. The new picture tells us that it will have a 13 MP rear camera with Zeiss optics. Previously we heard that it would also sport a 4.5-inch touchscreen, but everything else about it is still a mystery.

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Nokia by Microsoft branding spotted on Lumia 830 - reader comments

  • Uclid

Yes all right but in India it should have 1. 1 GB RAM, 2. 02(Dual) SIM,3. 03 MP Front camera, rest Mr.Bill you can decide.

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  • 2014-07-25 19:26
  • U%{7
  • ashar

nokia is the best company it should launch pure android mobiles instead of window phone that make their mobiles market value so please launch pure android request by nokia fan

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  • 2014-07-19 18:39
  • TgAx
  • rae1

When this dream phone is expected to be launch in India any idea guys?

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  • 2014-07-15 11:41
  • S35r