Mobile blogging a new trend?

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A recent post in the Hi-Tech blog claims LG are planning to release phones with a Youtube client. The LG KU990 with its 3" touch sensitive display and the familiar menu seems an offshoot of the already known PRADA, though topped with a 5-megapixel integrated camera and HSDPA (3G) capable. The high-speed data transfer capabilities should improve watching videos and even let you upload ones directly to LG KU990 also gives you the opportunity to modify your clips with the Muvee video editing application. Some of the other available features are a music player, FM radio and a microSD slot.

LG KU990 LG KU990 LG KU990 LG KU990 LG KU990 LG KU990 LG KU990 LG KU990
LG KU990

Samsung have also committed to releasing a Blog-centered handset. The SGH-L760 is expected to also be Youtube, Ublog and Buzznet-ready. It's features include 3G (UMTS), ensuring reasonable upload and download speed for videos, a microSD slot, a 2MP camera allowing QCIF video recording and 40 MB of internal memory.

Samsung L760 Samsung L760 Samsung L760
Samsung L760

All this said, it's safe to assume iPHONE has managed to set a new trend with the Youtube client and major manufacturers are now trying to catch up.




Mobile blogging a new trend? - reader comments

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mobile blogging isn't new. some blog sites allow you to mms/email to post. what is new is that phones are making it easier to blog-with-a-click. I 'blog' with my razr all the time to my flickr account.

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  • 2007-07-21 00:07
  • k$$E
  • Anonymous

why hasnt this LG phone been mentioned elsewhere on gsmarena yet?

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  • 2007-07-20 19:05
  • m5Hg
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wow!!! It's really a good fone with 5 mp camera Can anybody tell me when it is launching

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  • 2007-07-16 11:27
  • w4p$