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Meerbusch, Germany - Mobile Scope, a leading European publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software for mobile devices, announced today that "Moorhen ™ Camera X" will be released in March 2004.
Video game publishers have been experimenting with innovative game controllers since the early 80’s, but "Moorhen ™ Camera X" marks it's been done absolutely right.
Play "Moorhen ™ Camera X" and control the game with your built-in camera. The camera cursor automatically follows all movements of your handset. This enhanced gameplay offers a unique gaming experience, which no gamer will be able to resist.
Michael Nьrnberg, CMO of Mobile Scope AG commented "We are very pleased to announce with Moorhen ™ Camera X a title which is supporting the latest mobile games technology. Unlike other games, Moorhen ™ Camera X requires the players to use their natural instincts and move their entire body, rather than just their fingers. Moorhen ™ Camera X combines all the elements of a truly compelling interactive mobile gaming experience with very popular and innovative camera based video gaming.“ "Moorhen ™ Camera X" is scheduled to release mid of March 2004 and will be available for download on all popular mobile entertainment portals worldwide.



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