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Meerbusch, Germany - Mobile Scope, a leading European publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software for mobile devices, announced today that "Moorhen Camera X" will be released in March 2004.
Video game publishers have been experimenting with innovative game controllers since the early 80s, but "Moorhen Camera X" marks it's been done absolutely right.
Play "Moorhen Camera X" and control the game with your built-in camera. The camera cursor automatically follows all movements of your handset. This enhanced gameplay offers a unique gaming experience, which no gamer will be able to resist.
Michael Nьrnberg, CMO of Mobile Scope AG commented "We are very pleased to announce with Moorhen Camera X a title which is supporting the latest mobile games technology. Unlike other games, Moorhen Camera X requires the players to use their natural instincts and move their entire body, rather than just their fingers. Moorhen Camera X combines all the elements of a truly compelling interactive mobile gaming experience with very popular and innovative camera based video gaming. "Moorhen Camera X" is scheduled to release mid of March 2004 and will be available for download on all popular mobile entertainment portals worldwide.




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