Modu modular phone finally gets ready to rock'n'roll

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You may remember the modular phone that impressed us at MWC 2008. Easily one of the most pleasant surprises of last year's event, the modular Modu phone now is just about to launch along with the first four jackets for it. Well, it was about time aleady!

The Israel-based manufacturer Modu announced today that the actual handset will hit the shelves in the Q2 of 2009. Accompanying the world's smallest phone will be four jackets with each of them adding some unique functionality to the handset.

Modu modular phone

The first of the four jackets is the Night jacket, which includes futuristic styling with an edgy keypad, flashing lights, night mode imaging and a special graphical user interface.

Next comes the Street-art jacket with its stereo speakers and dedicated music keys aiming for an improved music experience.

Then there's the classic jacket that carries all essential mobile communication features in a stylish body.

And finally we meet the Express jacket, which promises to give the Modu phone and user interface a rainbow of fun, playful flavors.

Another interesting detail is that the internal memory of the Modu phone is increased to 2GB. If that still seems insufficient to you don't worry - more jackets are on the horizon and some of them are certain to expand it.

In case you need a quick memory refresh about Modu modular phone have a look at our MWC 2008 coverage. There you'll find live photos and our first (extremely positive) impressions of the device.




Modu modular phone finally gets ready to rock'n'roll - reader comments

  • Artanis

The Guinness World Record's smallest phone in existence, recently. So small that it's very hard to get nowadays, like a needle in the haystack.

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  • Pharmd964

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  • Dr. Yusuf Al-Kindi

What have your comments on greed to do with a small modular cell phone?

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