More photos of gold-colored Apple iPhone 5S unearthed

17 August, 2013 | Comments (49) | Post your comment

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Apple's next-generation iPhone is arguably the most hotly anticipated smartphones of the year. The iPhone 5 successor has appeared in so many leaks that we lost count and we have even seen parts of its alleged gold-version in live images.

Now, we have a new set of images that shows us the frame of the gold color variant of the iPhone 5S. The Apple logo and the iPhone branding on the back of the chassis has been blurred for obvious reasons.

In addition to the leaked back housing of the gold iPhone, we also have the images of some alleged components used in the Apple iPhone 5S. The leak brings us photos of the proximity sensor, dock charging assembled and the loudspeaker of the iPhone 5S.

Apple is rumored to launch its iPhone 5S along with its iPhone 5C on September 10.





More photos of gold-colored Apple iPhone 5S unearthed - reader comments

  • Carlos

It's easy to increase the display. Samsung does it every 2 months. The hard part is to use brand new technologies that nobody else has. Maybe, after all the Note 3 talk, Apple may be the only company to be able to reliably produce 5"...

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  • 2013-08-19 15:49
  • YQvt
  • Anonymous

Yeaaaahh...this looks real.. (NOT)

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  • 2013-08-19 13:30
  • M3s@
  • Maez

The only problem with this colored plated when it got scratched or has dents will it leave a silver discoloring just like iphone5.

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  • 2013-08-19 12:50
  • Kg{$