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> In reply to skv @ 2014-05-07 04:43 from 8@YN - click to readCamera is excellent in low light and normal room light. Colors are very accurate and focus is good. I just wish sometimes there would be manual focus. Other than that battery life is also amazing. Idk why gsmarena gave it so low but compared to my gfs nexus 5 its nearly double the bigger. I personally love this phone and it deserves a well rating. I hope Motorola can come back and dominate the market again. Such an excellent phone by Motorola. Moto g and moto x is just premium with excellent price.

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  • 2014-05-07 11:21
  • 7skH
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how is the camera?...image stabilization is there? Also is there a notification LED present in this phone?

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  • 2014-05-07 04:43
  • 8@YN
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> In reply to nataliereeves @ 2014-05-06 19:59 from XuU7 - click to readIts available in India on flippant. Com

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  • 2014-05-07 04:12
  • utx1
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> In reply to ROSHAN @ 2014-05-06 16:32 from Iam0 - click to read1. Go to setting then turn off the Location. Just turn it on if need be.
2. Choose AUTO for your Brightness. If you check Battery section Screen is the most juice sucker of the phone.
3. Go to settings, click Battery then turn on Battery Saver.
4. Lower your time out. The lower the more battery it conserved. Go to settings then Display then Sleep. At most 1 min of inactivity is fine.
5. Since this phone is Super AMOLED, choose dark wallpapers. The darker the more it saves juice.
6. Put your phone in Airplane Mode if you'll not use it for few hours. Saves battery.

MOTOx is better when it comes to battery life compared to other flagship smartphones, however it still up to you how you're using it. There are some apps out there that consumes a lot of battery so check the Battery section of your phone and see what's draining it fast, close those apps then. Hope this helps.

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  • 2014-05-06 22:43
  • v0qZ
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> In reply to Blaze Forth @ 2014-05-05 15:47 from uvJK - click to readMy friend bought moto x 32 gb model for herself from that site( in USA ohio. Till now the moto x is performing super well. You can buy from it or or but its cheapest at this site I think so. Do know its available in India also!

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  • 2014-05-06 19:59
  • XuU7
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I am using moto x from last 2 months. i m having problem with camera, video recording. Problem of image blurr. can anyone suggest the service centre near panjim(goa)

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  • 2014-05-06 18:36
  • tT}9
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> In reply to ROSHAN @ 2014-05-06 16:32 from Iam0 - click to readbattery ok with my moto not turn on data brightness is good for battery life.

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  • 2014-05-06 17:38
  • X}tP
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> In reply to aravind p nair @ 2014-05-03 19:41 from uvX$ - click to readHello arvind Nair

Don't worry I too faced the samewcdmlem..just try this it worked for me..

Go to phone dial *#*#4636#*#*
Then go To phone information select network preference as wcdma only
Then turn radio off and then again turn it on...

U will see H+ or 3G sign instead of E

Then again change the network settings yo CDMA preferred..

Congratulations your moto x is 3G ready now

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  • 2014-05-06 17:26
  • fCxi
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guys bought my new moto..x...
1 week ago its awesome in perfomance but consuming battery too fast do any one have the idea how to resolve this issue ....
apart from this its gud in every where in camera ; audiao ; performance but only thing which make me disappointed its battery consumption

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  • 2014-05-06 16:32
  • Iam0
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> In reply to [deleted post]Heard it wont get warranty in india.

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  • 2014-05-06 10:24
  • uvL4
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> In reply to sudhanshupatil @ 2014-05-06 08:14 from XNYH - click to readOkay thank you. In flipkart they havent mention 4G in their website.

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  • 2014-05-06 10:15
  • uvL4
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> In reply to Blaze Forth @ 2014-05-05 15:47 from uvJK - click to read32 gb is not available in india and the one sold on flipkart doeas have 4g support but does not support the airtel 4g band provided in kolkata but airtel and other operators are going to launch 4g on the bands supported by moto x and most other phones. Its the XT1052 model sold in india

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  • 2014-05-06 08:14
  • XNYH
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> In reply to aravind p nair @ 2014-05-05 11:03 from uv%7 - click to readdownload phone testing then go to phone info and choose wcmda only later u have to turn off radio option and finally turn on radio.

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  • 2014-05-06 06:23
  • rK8V
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Am planning to buy this mobile soon.I found a factory unlocked phone with 32 GB only for 324USD. I am from india. Moto x from flipkart doesnt have 4G support and i need 32 GB space. So i am planning to buy this from this site.

i want to know tat anyone from india bought it from this site? and do we get warranty here in india if i bought it from der?And it says no GPS. Does anyone?
Kindly Reply me plssss...

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  • 2014-05-05 15:47
  • uvJK
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i bought moto x last week and is facing some problrms with the internet connection...
i use bsnl 24k nano sim...
when ever i wsith the network type to 3g i see no change in the still displays 2g connection (e) and not highspeed(H)....
i dont know why....
i used to get hispeed connection in my ols mobile in the same place... bot not using nano sim...
can somebody please help???? is the problem "nano sim"??? or any problem with the phone??? dono what to do...

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  • 2014-05-05 11:03
  • uv%7
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> In reply to Prasad @ 2014-05-05 07:22 from b%i6 - click to readAre you using any Screen guard for it? If yes, what company?

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  • 2014-05-05 09:03
  • rAfY
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Is matte (a Screen Protector) available specifically for Moto X. Anyone using it at the moment?

If no, what is the best Screen Protector for Moto X? (I mean which company?)

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  • 2014-05-05 09:01
  • rAfY
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Amazing device, i would say its a complete package. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and there is nothing that can be not happy about. The look and feel, touch, response, are really good.

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  • 2014-05-05 07:22
  • b%i6
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Dont compare this wit any other mobiles,one one having diferent potions,Sony camera good.but battery fail.likee that diffent only,

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  • 2014-05-04 18:54
  • fCx$
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> In reply to rockstar @ 2014-05-01 20:20 from t@xg - click to readLike other phones which are quad core and those cores do all the processing, Moto X has dedicated cores and hence consume less battery as well
1. Dual Core 1.7GHz Dual-Core Krait CPU
2. Quad Core Adreno 320 GPU
3. Single Core natural language processor
4. Single Core contextual computing processor

In total it is Octa-Core

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  • 2014-05-04 17:02
  • vGM2
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