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> In reply to hari @ 2015-05-21 20:32 from rKbL - click to readMaybe your carrier's 3G band is not supported by the phone? That's why it is limited to 2g? Check specs to be sure.

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  • 2015-06-04 07:30
  • th6n
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> In reply to Zayya @ 2015-06-02 21:01 from X}65 - click to readIt feels bulky due to its thickness and bezels. Size ratio isn't optimized.
Contacts aren't stored on phone but on your gmail account so beware when deleting/cleaning them..
Photo/video quality is okay.
It's not totally bloatware free experience as some are mentioning since you got all nagging Motorola apps popping up from times to times.
Battery is really really average and draining quite fast.
No notification led : breathing notifications are buggy/not optimized.
Audio speaker is quite loud.
Vibrations are not customizable and feel very cheap (you will see when turning on the phone).

It's a 16gb device so with 10-12 only usable with no other expandable solution so be sure it will fit your needs.

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  • 2015-06-04 00:26
  • 3cEr
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> In reply to Zayya @ 2015-06-02 21:01 from X}65 - click to readIt's a very clever phone. Well optimized to run on the specs it has. I was skeptical when I got it. But it impressed me. The bloatware free android experience ensures that this phone does not lag and 2 gb of ram also keeps it snappy and the Lollipo 5.1 update is imminent as well. I have had it for 18 months now and it has never slowed down and has never frozen. I have also never reset it. It just works. But you can get a 2nd gen Moto G for the same price and it also runs pure Android.

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  • 2015-06-03 21:47
  • rvkS
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Never never never think of buying motorola phones. Their batteries r a big big problem. They kept my phone for 10 days. They get batteries from bengluru and then replace it. If someone can afford to keep their phone in motorola service centre for 10 days just for battery change then he can think of buying motox phone

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  • 2015-06-03 18:55
  • vGch
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Can someone plz tell me or share your experiences of Moto X 2013? Coz It's already an outdated phone and weak in specs. But I heard it gives huge user experience, ergonomic and user friendly. I'm about to buy mid-range budget phone and considering of buying it soon.

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  • 2015-06-02 21:01
  • X}65
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after some time of using this phone. this phone heats too much and also poor battery backuppp

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  • 2015-06-02 15:35
  • vGax
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> In reply to Aditya @ 2015-05-25 04:01 from HsKJ - click to readif want to buy phone with best camera u better buy iphone or Lg G or galaxy note. Motorola suite best for engineers because always come with new innovations. Atrix has fingger print bacjk in 2011, took 3years untill galaxy n iphone manage put it. Moto Lapdock from 2011, finally arrived on iphone recently. Project ara also 1 of the best innovations moto had invented

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  • 2015-06-01 05:53
  • PA7A
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2015-05-19 16:08 from HsFL - click to readno,
u can buy it on or

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  • 2015-05-29 11:48
  • awWa
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> In reply to Burglou @ 2015-05-03 12:05 from fjU8 - click to readHow did you get lollipop update to your phone

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  • 2015-05-26 05:09
  • rJ@%
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Plzzz don't buy thz phone
camera araises the main problem
infact all motorola mobiles having same problem

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  • 2015-05-25 04:01
  • HsKJ
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> In reply to sek @ 2015-05-23 14:58 from bCHA - click to readJust restart ur phone when camera error occurs

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  • 2015-05-24 22:40
  • ITWG
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I bought the Moto X last year sep2014 and with this six months the camaera error came and it's not starting.
When checked the service (Pathetic one)they want to change the motherboard and they told it will take 7 to 10 days.
I have no option that I have sit with no phone for 10 days.
The battery is coming just 4 to 5 hours.It's not the value for money.Service centre experience is very very bad.

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  • 2015-05-23 14:58
  • bCHA
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> In reply to hari @ 2015-05-21 20:32 from rKbL - click to readDial *#*#4636#*#*
Then go to Phone Information-->Then select WCDMA Only and its done.
Enjoy the speed of 3G continuously.

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  • 2015-05-23 09:01
  • YQ5e
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actually i want to purchase Moto x so i have not idea it would be very good for usage of internet r not ?

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  • 2015-05-23 06:35
  • KIkx
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I bought a used mot x just few days back.. But the internet speed of the phone is very very slow.. I m using a 3g sim ..why it is like that..? its not giving even 2g speed. Is there any solution for this??please help me friends...

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  • 2015-05-21 20:32
  • rKbL
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> In reply to smartphoneuser1 @ 2015-05-11 22:30 from Iud0 - click to readi got motox x 2013 ..i agree with that.

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  • 2015-05-21 13:36
  • NyjD
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> In reply to TanmayD @ 2015-05-06 14:59 from yCEW - click to readActually this phone has been discontinued, so u can't get it from anywhere.

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  • 2015-05-19 16:08
  • HsFL
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Motorola days that the hardware of X is old for Lollipop update ... I still can't understand that how could the original Xperia Z, ZR got the update despite running on the same processor...

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  • 2015-05-17 07:24
  • 2S5A
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> In reply to Sam @ 2015-05-10 16:17 from upqy - click to read

Moto X 2013 expected to get Lollipop update in few weeks

Tags: Motorola, Android

Motorola has said that the first-generation Moto X, which was released back in 2013, should receive the Android Lollipop update in a few weeks.

"I am glad to announce that we are starting TestDrive in both the US and LatAm. If all goes well we should start full deployments in a few weeks," said the company's senior director of software product management David Schuster.
It's worth mentioning that the Lenovo-owned company has already announced that the device won't be getting Android 5.0, rather it will be updated directly from KitKat to Android 5.1. The news comes just a few weeks after Motorola started soak testing the Android 5.1 update for the device in Brazil.

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  • 2015-05-12 11:35
  • Mfxa
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This phone is a great photography phone.

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  • 2015-05-11 22:30
  • Iud0
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