Motorola ROKR E1 review: iTunes inside

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Phonebook, phone calls

Up to 1000 contacts can fit into ROKR's memory, each of which can be additionally assigned a number of tags. Each contact name can be sorted into a group and assigned a picture or a ringing melody. The phone book is accessed through the main menu or by a short key: each way of the control key can be set up to provide you a shortcut access to a certain part of the phone. In addition, you can search into the phone book by more than one character.

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Phone's camera lens is mounted on its backside

The earphones are very good quality. The sound is clear, pure and loud enough. To your will, you are free to use a loud handsfree set while phoning. The phone supports ringing profiles. When a call is coming in, the phone can alert you of an incoming phone by using a melody, a MP3 file or vibration. The sound that comes out of ROKR's two speakers is really loud, so the phone can be heard even in the loudest environment.

Motorola ROKR E1 works with Bluetooth, so you will be able to use a wireless handsfree set. Thanks to Bluetooth you can manage files in the phone's memory, as well. Yet, the wireless transfer speed is much lower than the one a cable would provide you with, so I recommend you to transfer data wirelessly in urgent situations only.

How to deal with SMS

ROKR E1 will definitely satisfy SMS fans. The phone is equipped with shared memory that allows for saving a huge number of messages. As for the writing process itself, my feelings are mixed: on one hand the phone features a big display, a comfortable keypad and a rich dictionary iTap; on the other hand it makes you wait for centuries before it lets you press the same key once again... Fortunately, the phone does not get significantly slow when a bigger amount of characters have been written.

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Bottom side: what a pity that the manufacturers have not implemented a common mini-USB connector

MMS support is a matter of fact in a phone of this class. The built-in camera has not undergone any modifications since the E398 model - it still offers a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. It is regrettable though. In my opinion, all modern mobile phones cameras should be equipped with 1 megapixel at least. The phone offers a new video record application, with a maximum resolution of 176 x 144 pixels - much too poor, as obvious.

Extras and additional functions

Motorola supports GPRS class 10 data transfers and can be therefore used as a modem, connected through either Bluetooth, or a cable. The phone has a calendar with notes, calculator etc. ether. For leisure moments Motorola has prepared one game - the famous Java Worms. Within the memory you will find another application, which lets you save your personal data, like passwords, pin codes, login names etc.

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Earphones get connected at the topside of the phone; the connector alone is protected by a rubber cap

New ringing profiles, wallpapers or screen savers can be additionally downloaded in ROKR E1 through its file manager, thanks to its packed-in synchronizing cable and its easy-to-access memory. If you intent to do so, however, be prepared that phone's common speed will notably slow down.

Plenty of accessories

The most important part of ROKR E1 is its memory card. In phone's original box you will find one of the TransFlash type with a capacity of 128 MB. The most specific characteristic of this type of memory cards is their miniature parameters, for they are no bigger than a man's smallest fingernail. The price of such a card is not exceptionally high either - you can get one for approximately €50. Together with the memory card you are also given a TransFlash to SD/MMC adapter.

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Memory card and adapter, earphones and synchronizing cable

In ROKR's original box you will also find a cable to connect the phone with a PC through USB port. This cable features one crucial disadvantage - when ROKR is in the middle of cooperation with PC, it does not allow you to charge it, nor does it let you plug the charger in. Besides, I would have appreciated a universal mini-USB connector, just like the one newer Motorola models are equipped with. If you happen to damage the cable, do not worry - substitutes are not expensive. Together with ROKR E1 you get a charge adapter for the net plug as well as a stereo handsfree.

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