MWg releases the Zinc II with full slide-out QWERTY keyboard

09 July, 2008 | Comments (19) | Post your comment

Today MWg announced the market availability of their full slide-out QWERTY Windows Mobile-based Zinc II. The device was announced back in May 2008 but it's only now that this high-end device will see daylight at a shop window (or at an online store front for that matter).

MWg Zinc II MWg Zinc II MWg Zinc II
MWg Zinc II

Despite being relatively unknown on certain markets MWg did manage to produce a handset that's maybe worth your while reading.

MWg Zinc II has quad-band GSM support as well as 3G (with HSDPA) to ensure quick network data transfers. The Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional-powered device also features a 2.8-inch QVGA screen and runs on a 500 MHz Samsung CPU. The built-in RAM memory is 64 MB.

MWg Zinc II also boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and a 2 megapixel snapper. There is also an integrated GPS receiver with the SiRFStar III chipset. A microSD card slot is also built-in to allow extension of the internal memory. The nice feature pack and the rather powerful 1530 mAh Li-Po battery haven't been too merciful on the Zinc's waistline - it weighs 185 g.

Currently, the MWg Zinc II can be found online at about the same price as the HTC TyTN II - a bit under 900 US dollars (about 715 euro). Now if you ask us, it sounds a bit overpriced and if we were you (which sounds like an obvious case of schizophrenia), we would definitely wait up for the HTC Touch Pro to come out before we make a buying decision.




MWg releases the Zinc II with full slide-out QWERTY keyboard - reader comments

  • Zenon

Well, tried out the device and must say that it looks sleek and for a Full QWERTY device, aint too bulky as compared to the TyTnII... Pretty stable device and of course, the battery life is really good, lasting me about 2 days with one charge (w...

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  • 2008-07-30 11:03
  • PUSC
  • Devmeet

MWG is the company which has taken over O2.Now all the phones will be MWG not O2.

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  • 2008-07-11 06:49
  • ii7a
  • Indra Wu

MWG is same with asia O2 use name MWG now. In Indonesia. Sync II and Atom V already release 4 months ago.I already tried n i think that phone isn't good. very light n more2 good HTC.i think O2/MWG product for sync II n Atom V is rejected

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  • 2008-07-10 22:15
  • PWAq