Sony Xperia Z Ultra screenshots reveal an updated launcher

21 June, 2013 | Comments (49) | Post your comment

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While the other day's screenshots of the Xperia Z Ultra (Togari) confirmed the device's specifications, today's batch of snaps reveal the changes made to the Sony launcher in its Android 4.2.2 version.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra screenshots

The screenshots were acquired by an acquaintance of a member of the XDA-Developers forum, who confirms they are the real deal. As you can see, Sony has done well to utilize the extra screen estate by expanding the rows and columns of the app drawer to a 6x5 grid.

The icons on the homescreen itself look a lot smaller, too, hinting that the grid there has been expanded as well. Other small cosmetic touches include an updated app drawer icon (3x3 circles, not 4x4 squares) as well as the dock, which can now take up to 6 icons, not just four.

Sony is holding a press event next week on Tuesday and the Xperia Z Ultra is dubbed to be one of the stars of the show. Naturally we'll be covering it live for you, so stick around.

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra screenshots reveal an updated launcher - reader comments

  • No one

My experia Z updated Android4.2.2 then my screen shot Gone. Anyone have any idea?

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  • 2013-07-21 09:47
  • tVjR
  • Anonymous

I had updated Xperia z to 4.2.2 but after updating its screenshot stopped working, please guide

  • Reply
  • 2013-07-16 16:35
  • U@6S
  • Troll WarLord

When they will launch xperia honami ?

  • Reply
  • 2013-06-25 05:14
  • thYL