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Apple announces Q2 results, rules them all

22 July, 2009 | Read the news | Post your comment
Apple announces Q2 results, rules them all - read the full textApple just published the financial results for the second quarter of the year and things could hardly be healthier there. The company is obviously unaware of a certain little thingy called world economic crisis and has recorded their best non-holiday quarter revenue and earnings ever. The...


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> In reply to lol @ 2009-07-24 03:06 from nFEw - click to readhave you ever used apples product? iphone, ipod touch, mac?

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  • 2009-07-26 23:44
  • MmTR


The iPhone sold 5,2 mio in Q3

but the overlooken fact is it is down 1,6 mio from Q1 2009.

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  • 2009-07-26 20:48
  • mPfc

These good iPhone but UK too expensive because Gordon Brown Rubbish all time idea want up money should low about 200 not 450 I cant buy over hurdred money only under less money fine will buy it ok.

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  • 2009-07-24 19:06
  • mHYZ

its funny how apple only release one model per year and its doing so well.

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  • 2009-07-24 03:06
  • nFEw

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-07-23 15:19 from wrnw - click to readwhat a silly reasoning you have. people who spend more than a hundred dollars on a phone do care about their phones. otherwise, they would just buy those $30 phone by nokia, lol. your cousin probably bought the n78 over the n82 & n79 because the n78 works better for her needs. again, it would be dumb to spend more than $100 dollars on a phone without knowing what it can and cannot do. there were other touchscreen phones before the iphone. so obviously it is not just the iphone's touchscreen that makes it special. gadget and tech magazines give the iphone a lot of respect and praise. i don't think those pros would do that if touchscreen is the only thing that the iphone could offer. where's your common sense? :)

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  • 2009-07-24 02:21
  • FJTd

> In reply to [deleted post]my gosh, calm down, lol. apple, just like nokia, samsung and se also has the freedom to sell their products. why are you so upset? lol. the iphone is indeed a cool phone, and there is a reason why it's a cool phone. it simply works great, so don't be dumb ok :)

you make it seem like it's dumb to get a phone that simply works and easy to operate. now that is one dumb thought, lol. the iphone is more than just having a cool device. it's having a device that can actually impact your daily activities. something that no phone has ever done. my career and life is already challenging enough, why would i need a complicated phone to add to my life's challenges?

as for its price. well it's really for mid to high income earners. don't buy a bmw and complain about the premium gas it requires.

as for that chinese man who committed suicide. he worked for a company that is contracted with apple. the company is a 3rd party vendor. so please.

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  • 2009-07-24 02:09
  • FJTd

man, you guys are hillarious, its really funny to take a step back and read all the comments, everyone here is arguing like little school girls. over what?? apple's sales for a financial quarter or who's bigger and better?? why does anyone give a sh*t, u guys getting paid to suck up companies asses or what?? but i have to thank u for making my mornings at work a little more interesting.

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  • 2009-07-24 01:25
  • yVgU

> In reply to Rip @ 2009-07-23 23:51 from G2GS - click to readNo mate, I just like listening to the best quality music ever produced by any phone as can be seen in the GSM Arena review.

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  • 2009-07-24 00:27
  • vaeX

> In reply to [deleted post]Wow... that is soooooo sad!! What, don't tell me you have dreams about Steve Job's apples... Lol!!! Man, get a life... oh, sorry, I meant get yourself an iLife! Lol!!!

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  • 2009-07-23 23:51
  • G2GS

> In reply to [deleted post]they steal from the poor and rich and give to themselves

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  • 2009-07-23 20:09
  • jGGu

Apple rules them all!!!!!!

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  • 2009-07-23 18:34
  • mX8g

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-07-23 14:18 from tVHM - click to readIt's true. people that don't care about phones or have a little knowledge would always buy second best. My cousin wanted to change her cell so she went to phone shops and got away with N78, while in that respect of specs and design, you could easily find N82 or N79 as better choice. but you see, not all people visit places like gsm arena and understand all aspect shown here. so what they would buy? yes.. what their friend talked and interested or owned is the one attracting them. You just need to tell this people ONE superior specs of particular phone that doesn't exist on any other phone. e.g. touchscreen - to him/her and they wouldn't bother to search any other aspects. They'll think: everybody using it, this is good, superior, so this one is perfect for me. No wonder fashion phone like iphone or blackberry are in everybody's hand these days. it's spreading really fast before it ended.

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  • 2009-07-23 15:19
  • wrnw

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-07-23 14:18 from tVHM - click to readLol.. he's a yank that just went down from ship so got his head bit dizzy lol..

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  • 2009-07-23 15:07
  • wrnw

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-07-23 14:49 from P%nm - click to readwhat it matters is they use Samsung electronics in their products. Samsung benefits from apple and other hundreds companies products

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  • 2009-07-23 15:01
  • MWWm

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-07-23 14:46 from tVHu - click to readSales over the last 3 months, the 3GS was launched in Australia (and several other countries) two weeks after it was launched in the US.

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  • 2009-07-23 14:51
  • P%nm

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-07-23 13:59 from MWWm - click to readDid you know that Nokia uses American Texas Instruments OMAP ARM 11 processors in most of their N and E series phones?

Apple just prepaid Toshiba $US500,000,000 for flash memory for their iPhones and iPods.

Component suppliers supply components that's their business, companies like Samsung, LG, Sharp, Toshiba etc make parts to order.

They don't design which parts and how they are assembled or how they will operate.

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  • 2009-07-23 14:49
  • P%nm

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-07-23 14:42 from P%nm - click to readI guess that's because the iPhone 3GS was launched in the US months before anywhere else... makes sense.

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  • 2009-07-23 14:46
  • tVHu

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-07-23 12:37 from EqVq - click to readIf you read the the report you would see that 44% of the sales came from outside the USA.

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  • 2009-07-23 14:42
  • P%nm

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-07-23 13:59 from MWWm - click to readdude, judging by his/her English it's definitely not a yank.

Most people know that the screen is from SHARP, the music chip in ALL Apple music products is Samsung, etc.

But the same goes for other Manufacturers.

You guys think that there can only be one at the top, but that's not even the point. The iPhone is not meant to be the best phone out there, but no one can deny that it has changed the way people think about phones.

Why else do you think that your favorite brands like LG and Samsung are now suddenly spitting out TOUCH phones like there is no tomorrow?!
Nokia is falling behind because it is NOT doing that.

In Japan, the iPhone is a flop. That's because people love their SHARP and Panasonic flip phones.

It's not about us geeks, it's about those who DON'T care about phones that find the iPhone so appealing.

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  • 2009-07-23 14:18
  • tVHM

> In reply to Hummer Apple @ 2009-07-23 11:11 from 04Mi - click to readumm lol do you know Samsung and LG makes the hardware parts of apple products ? yeah i hope you know that before you spew BS out from your mouth next time yankee and i hope it makes you proud that your mac and iphone has a samsung logo inside. Samsung and LG makes trillion of profits compared to billion of apple

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  • 2009-07-23 13:59
  • MWWm

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