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12MP 3x optical zoom Samsung M8920 shows up again

25 September, 2009 | Read the news | Post your comment
12MP 3x optical zoom Samsung M8920 shows up again - read the full textWe just came upon another leaked photos of what seems to be the successor of the Samsung Pixon12. This time however it's the Korean version of the monster cameraphone dubbed Samsung SCH-W880. The information about the specs list is still pretty scarce but the camera alone to make us drool. Four...


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> In reply to Mo @ 2009-09-29 09:24 from A8rH - click to readSecond photo is of Pixon12.This articles is for the Korean version.The Korean version lacks wifi and gps.But Pixon12 has these features...Just read the cation below the pictures...@Mo

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  • 2009-09-29 23:21
  • uNVx

GSMArena update your news ....

Samsung AMOLED 12M (SCH-W880) announced in Korea

cheers !!

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  • 2009-09-29 09:33
  • 0U$q

GSMarena are you'll blind, there are gps and wifi marks on the second photo!!!

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  • 2009-09-29 09:24
  • A8rH

> In reply to Rakeb @ 2009-09-28 17:38 from 3ZIw - click to readIf you are asking me my opinion about the cameras in both X1 and C905, I would tell you X1 camera is good, I tried it myself. As for C905 I don't believe in specifications until I took the shot myself. It is not a matter of megapixel, the lens and many others things are more important.

If you are asking me my opinion which phone is better, well this depends on what you want from a phone. As for me I use the phone for talking and using applications and Internet, I vote for Windows mobile here, I mean the X1.

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  • 2009-09-28 23:32
  • 3sDE

> In reply to iPhonePhilo @ 2009-09-26 21:40 from 3sDE - click to readI thank for this leter........ m8920 is no bad also n86 no bad is no problem like sony eriecsson xprea x1 3mp camera but x1 and htc pro king all phone until sony ..x1 3mp c905 8mp ?x1 good or c905?

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  • 2009-09-28 17:38
  • 3ZIw

Samsung SCH-W880/GT-M8920 specs:

- 3.3 inch WVGA AMOLED Touchscreen display
- 12 Megapixel Camera with 3x Optical Zoom, Xenon Flash and LED Flash
- HD Video Recording at 30fps
- Dedicated camera control, mode dial, shutter and zoom
- WiFi
- Bluetooth
- MicroSD card slot


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  • 2009-09-28 15:18
  • tDM4

f=6.3 does not mean the aperture is f/6.3.
If the lens says "f=x", it means its focal length is xmm.

Anyway, aperture seems to be starting from f/3 or f/4 for me. Not excellent, but still enough

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  • 2009-09-28 13:10
  • uxyx

> In reply to Deep @ 2009-09-28 09:19 from uw@Q - click to readYes i do agree that there is convenience with having all your gadgets in one, provided they all work but for this product in particular, i think the camera will just be extra dead weight cause it will be useless for a lot of situations. I do agree with many other post-ers about how phone companies have still not yet perfected 8MP cameras so by moving onto 12MP the problems will be amplified. Even if this phone was to be release 6 months from now, I think those who have a 5MP camera will find very little reason to upgrade once the reviews on picture quality has been released. It's like buying anything technical, somethings look good on paper but don't perform as promised except this is the other way round, the camera specs look bad on paper so will it provide good images????

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  • 2009-09-28 10:17
  • 9Jxy

its always better to carry one device rather than all your gadgets...
even though the camera is not as good as digital cameras i still prefer my phone general use....

way to go samsung...hope 2010 will see more capable device...

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  • 2009-09-28 09:19
  • uw@Q

Optical zoom might be great but i doubt this camera will perform well, 12mp is pretty good but don't think you'll get excellent image quality except in the most favorable situations. f=6.3 means the camera will be useless except for bright outdoor shots. And if you decide to use the flash, it'll either be too weak and not travel the distance to get full use of the 3x optical zoom, or it'll kill the battery really quick. At this point in time, I'd still prefer the 5MP cameras (N97 5MP w/ F=2.8) over this one from Samsung just because they are more usable in almost all situations (Except extremely low light and fast action), it's a step in the right direction but there's still a long way to go before we see compact cameras become obsolete.

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  • 2009-09-28 08:26
  • 9Jxy

> In reply to Eagleseye @ 2009-09-26 05:16 from uNVx - click to readnokia n86 has got a bigger sensor you know, they have upgraded it nokia n86 is the reall cameraphone king........

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  • 2009-09-28 08:04
  • 2CGw

Wow, it's really great from Samsung to release hi tech phone like this.

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  • 2009-09-28 05:16
  • PAq%

> In reply to [deleted post]You are a nut - they two DIFFERENT phones (with one intended on the Anycall lineup in Korea and the other being the European prototype )

On another note, GSMArena shouldn't give their hopes up for the W880.
Being a Korean, I have seen countless unlabelled phones that come with Wifi, divx etc etc. A missing label usually doesn't mean it won't have what the sticker says - but then, with the world all 'the more, the better' these days... We will never know till the official release I guess

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  • 2009-09-28 03:29
  • uBRe

i have pixon with 8 mp camera..but my fathers digital w/c has 6mp only took picture much better than my 8 meg cam phone...

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  • 2009-09-28 02:17
  • vj1g

The camera on this phone is great and there as so many features and functions there is no excuse for a bad picture! you will think you are using a digital camera.

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  • 2009-09-27 23:08
  • pTTg

> In reply to xoory @ 2009-09-26 18:29 from 3IrD - click to readyou got it wrong,

Higher Resolution/ more pixels = less noise

i work in semi conductor so don't talk about something you are not literate in

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  • 2009-09-27 22:44
  • MWW{

> In reply to Alex @ 2009-09-27 12:17 from 4fUR - click to readThe world is evolving, if you think this is useless just because it has small sensor and small optics(which is untrue) then don't buy it. Samsung and Sony knows what are they doing and this might replace your digital camera, do you own an iPhone by any chance and you feel insecure ?

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  • 2009-09-27 22:39
  • MWW{

Here we have a zoom of 3X optic : It's not the same thing of the traditional lens of a gsm.

Good idea : That could be really interesting for people want to take good pics and send it by gsm way

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  • 2009-09-27 20:23
  • MVfw

The mark of GPS and WiFi are exist on the seconf photo

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  • 2009-09-27 19:42
  • iLYs

> In reply to [deleted post]The only reason why they're making a big deal is for statements

One yank goes "look at me and my 12MP camera, while you only have 5. haha"

When in reality the Nikon, Canon and Pentax camera that the 5MP camera phone owners have can trump any phone, even if it's 15MP!!

It's just for the image; if you even put SLR on it, I won't waste my time.

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  • 2009-09-27 18:11
  • q273

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