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GSM-fueled Motorola MILESTONE a.k.a. DROID launches in Europe

02 November, 2009 | Read the news | Post your comment
GSM-fueled Motorola MILESTONE a.k.a. DROID launches in Europe - read the full textThat didn't take long - the GSM version of the Motorola DROID is official and is headed for Europe. It's going to be called MILESTONE and Germany and Italy will be the first to get it, but the bad news is that it won't have the same perks as the US version. On the Motorola site, there's a page...


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Actually it's not a 20 euro contract... it's just 20 euro financing. You buy the phone with a monthly payment, but you get no service from O2.

If you want some service, the price is higher.

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  • 2010-02-11 09:56
  • S7FZ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-11-04 12:19 from Nyjx - click to readActually I like iPhone, but after realized it's not multitask, I'm not interested anymore. It's fast because it's not multitask. imagine when you're chatting with your buddy, in the same time you want to check some information in your notes before get back to your buddy, you have to turn off your chat program and reconnect again later after you check your notes. It's a failure.

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  • 2009-11-11 17:05
  • TIFG

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-11-06 16:29 from fjfA - click to readMoto Droid better than iphone 3gs thanx for ur news I wanna buy this phone. just hello moto

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  • 2009-11-06 16:33
  • fje1

I will not talk to much go see iphone 3gs in trouble to­s. you can compare both phones on youtub just type motorola droid vs iphone 3gs don't remove my comments

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  • 2009-11-06 16:29
  • fjfA

> In reply to Isabella @ 2009-11-04 12:00 from 0wdB - click to readIt will launch in Germany in a few days.

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  • 2009-11-04 18:52
  • 3nrf

nothing to compare Google OS with iPhone OS. iPhone OS is fast.

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  • 2009-11-04 12:19
  • Nyjx

WANT!! :)

Too bad the German one has a QWERTZ bord and not QWERTY. Will have to get it from Italy, also ok, but Germany would have been easier. Anyone know when it will launch in Holland yet?

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  • 2009-11-04 12:00
  • 0wdB

> In reply to Cain @ 2009-11-03 15:11 from 3nXs - click to readThe almighty brand's fans will also claim "18mm thickness" on N900 is better than 13.7mm on Milestone, because one deserves a bigger "brick" by paying more....

And they may even justify N900 (will likely) carries a higher price tag than the almighty brand can spend more $ on various advertisements/promotions/commissions to benefit everyone except the end users.

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  • 2009-11-04 05:48
  • Er2M

I can't believe that Nokia fan stated resistive screen as N900 advantage :D
And build quality :D:D:D Plastic VS metal :D:D:D What's next, "Nokia" logo on the phone a huge and important spec :D:D:D

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  • 2009-11-03 15:11
  • 3nXs

Greatings from Argentina. Motorola Argentina has a microsite about Milestone. There are no tech specs nor any info about mobile operators, but the site is there. It lets you register to recive news about the phone. I'm anctious about Droid/Milestone. jeje

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  • 2009-11-03 12:27
  • P9Cx

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-11-02 18:44 from nbuy - click to readX10:
no 32gb of internal memory, jajaja
no android 2.0, jajaja
the worst screen for a phone with this features, jajaja
no Multitouch, jajaja
no 3G at AT&T

what a dissapointing


I cant wait to see the SHOLES tablet, i dont mind if its doesnt have a full fisical keyboard

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  • 2009-11-03 11:39
  • LGqc

wow greattttt phoneeeeeee exelenttttt

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  • 2009-11-03 10:05
  • PEY@

Really, this looks like a Milestone device for Motorola. I hope they dont mess up with it! I'd like this for Xmas.

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  • 2009-11-03 09:35
  • n7UD

> In reply to Deep space bar @ 2009-11-03 06:36 from kJqf - click to readMotorola was always better than Nokia, the US sales figures show that all Nokia do is copy Motorola's designs, take a look at the Mural, Nokia is trying to resurrect the Razr.

At least Motorola made a $12 million profit last quarter which is better than an $850 millon loss like Nokia.

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  • 2009-11-03 09:17
  • P%nm

greatest phone from greatest company

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  • 2009-11-03 07:00
  • mg{b

> In reply to 100 Moto @ 2009-11-03 01:07 from Er2M - click to readIt's not out yet so how can you saw? Plus nokia launched 300 prototype unites to see how developers will utilize it's hardware and software
Hense the PUSH program
And maemo is still getting tweeked as we speak
So obviously nokia is not gonna pull an apple and let people wait 3.5 years

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  • 2009-11-03 06:36
  • kJqf

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-11-02 18:44 from nbuy - click to readThis one is on level of n900 and Superior, have better quality made of metal intead of plastic... 6 mm thinner, bigger display, better resolution, capacitive... a lot of better

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  • 2009-11-03 05:01
  • Lvtk

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-11-02 18:44 from nbuy - click to readMy dear fried, you are so much "wishfull thinking".

Nokia has a better build than Motorola. I can only laugh. And not only me, everybody in the cellphone business is laughing right now.

Speakers? Ho hum, my A780 sounds better than your Nokia.

O/S? Never mind talking about this. Moto is better, and that's for sure.

So, stop thinking about "N" is better than "M". "N" only ruled because of marketing and advertising. A Sagem or Sendo is better in build quality, speakers, and ergonomics. But both sad to say, have slower clock time compared to "N". Besides that, "N" is for those who want to use garbage...

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  • 2009-11-03 02:09
  • wY5Q

> In reply to GAZ cpw @ 2009-11-02 18:46 from M3s@ - click to readSimple logic, my dear friend. More than 90 % of the world's people use the "right hand" to control the mouse of a computer. Do you expect that their brains will suddenly use the "left hand" to control the D pad when they shift using between computers and cellphones..?

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  • 2009-11-03 02:03
  • wY5Q

I think his cellphon will be the new benchmark for all to come. Whatever and however this website construtively and destructively describe it, there will be no escape for the truth: Motorola DROID/MILESTONE will be hard to beat.

And this should not stop here. Motorola developers should be thinking 3 steps ahead from here, and the company should be assembling the scion to this model.

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  • 2009-11-03 01:59
  • wY5Q

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