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Spy shots of touch Sony Ericsson Kurara smartphone pop up

04 November, 2009 | Read the news | Post your comment
Spy shots of touch Sony Ericsson Kurara smartphone pop up - read the full textSony Ericsson obviously feel pretty good about working with Symbian S60 touch-operated UI as they are about to launch a second handset running it after the Satio. Nicknamed Kurara, the subject of these shots is a full-touch handset that packs some serious imaging capabilities. There's...


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Nice specs but the aesthetics are poor. It looks either like a toy or it justs look cheap. It will also be better if the camera has a cover. hope SE will improve upon the look and make this available by quarter 1 of 2010. hmmm... Would it be possible for this phone to run android too?

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  • 2009-11-22 12:54
  • t75R

very bad looking !!!!!!

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  • 2009-11-09 13:17
  • ixTA

> In reply to Virtual @ 2009-11-07 17:20 from 5%rp - click to readIt was invented back in 1979 at the Eastman Kodak Research Center. Then everyone joined in it's development, However there is NO mention of sony in it's initial stage of experiments. Kodak still holds that patent.
You can find the timeline here at

more source:

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  • 2009-11-07 17:47
  • 2SUP

> In reply to Kal @ 2009-11-07 08:00 from 2SUP - click to readWho invented OLED? I ignore that information.

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  • 2009-11-07 17:20
  • 5%rp

craving for something similar to p900... with better looks and features.. may be with a small antenna would be mind blowing..

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  • 2009-11-07 12:24
  • v{M7

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-11-06 23:46 from PAqP - click to readYou see why I keep repeating goes someone again saying Sony Invented OLED.

Guys when will you get some knowledge and know the facts. Sony never invented OLED. period. I have had this topic so many times.

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  • 2009-11-07 08:00
  • 2SUP

> In reply to jo @ 2009-11-06 14:45 from jS2R - click to readOLED was invented by Sony for their LCD TV's

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  • 2009-11-07 06:34
  • q@Wy

SE for global market diferent with se for japanese market..
SE for japanese market is cool(u can see on se japan site) global is crap..some models made by other commpany like htc(htc good,not se) even made by sagem ..OMG

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  • 2009-11-07 02:28
  • PBRA

> In reply to Kal @ 2009-11-06 16:50 from 2SUq - click to readYou are not read my comment wisely. I said "everyone" - including a person who called him self SE fans who copy/paste over and over again with the same words. And also not only in SE forum but all the forums. Did you get it? Be a fan or not to be, doens't mean that we can do anything annoying others who wants to read the quality comments.

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  • 2009-11-06 23:46
  • PAqP

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-11-06 13:13 from mD6s - click to readHe said:
well that makes sense but you said "SONY ERICSSON - Japan, technology powerhouse, great potential, but that's about it..and they will stay like this." than SE sounds the best choice because a phone has to do with technology, and technology is all what we want

I SAY: The "best choice" is SE? With 5%? So, nokia with ~40% must be the worst choice... Right?

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  • 2009-11-06 22:54
  • 3A1K

At last we saw a SE phone with AMOLED Screen and HD recording,that is very good.I wish you to make Better phones later
ahhh... Don't forget to add Office pocket files reading software
Thanks VERY much

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  • 2009-11-06 22:06
  • 0CU6

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-11-06 19:41 from 3JbG - click to readHehe well, think you are right.

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  • 2009-11-06 20:00
  • 2SUq

> In reply to Kal @ 2009-11-06 08:57 from vwdn - click to readnot envied but Hated by many!

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  • 2009-11-06 19:41
  • 3JbG

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-11-06 15:03 from PAqP - click to readAnd btw I'm not complaining. I don't think our comments or debate will ever reach SE. Else we would have seen much improvements. If I know some information or if I think somone is posting something wrong or I have a different opinion, I comment.

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  • 2009-11-06 16:53
  • 2SUq

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-11-06 15:03 from PAqP - click to readThat I know and you know, that repeating same thing over and over again gets people irritated. I hate to do that as well. If you are asking people that you consider 'SE Haters' and paid representative of other companies, posting anti-SE comments to behave, why don't you say the same thing to those so called SE fans too who are copy-pasting same thing in SE's favor? Have you seen the X10 page? I don't see you asking those SE fan to stop posting the same thing? Because once I have a point and posted it, there will some one else who wont read anything and post some silly comments again. Then it will start all over. If you think those who criticize SE are getting paid by rival companies, then what do you think of those guys who are basically 'promoting' SE, are they getting paid too? If there is no constructive criticism, this place will be heaven of misinformation. I don't think that would be "quality comments" as you suggested.

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  • 2009-11-06 16:50
  • 2SUq

> In reply to kal @ 2009-11-05 06:34 from vwdn - click to readYou know what the reason is. They all - including you -talking the same thing again and again. If you want to complaining. Please. You are welcome. It's your right. But if someone repeated the same issue on and on with the same word. We are not def, we are not blind, and we can read. Imagine if one person copy/paste the comments lets say 10 times in an hour (Im not pointing at you). What happen in a week? Just post once is enough I think. This is must in every forum. Not just SE forum. Because people clicking comments box to read the quality comments. The advantages or the disadvantages of every phones from many people opinions. I hope everyone read this and start posting whats good in every forum.

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  • 2009-11-06 15:03
  • PAqP

> In reply to lennard @ 2009-11-06 11:44 from RxVs - click to readVery nice!

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  • 2009-11-06 14:59
  • uSNS

> In reply to lennard @ 2009-11-06 11:44 from RxVs - click to readYour comparison is good man! :) Sony Ericsson is like Nissan, or Honda! Nissan is the second biggest car maker on Japan, and the 6th global position. :) Sony Ericsson is good, I would like to see a P990 like smartphone next year.

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  • 2009-11-06 14:48
  • Lax1

Where is the OLED screen coming from ?


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  • 2009-11-06 14:45
  • jS2R

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-11-06 13:13 from mD6s - click to readYes they are, however others have potential (and that includes technological) to grow into something much bigger whereas they will remain same.

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  • 2009-11-06 13:27
  • vwdn

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