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China-bound Nokia X5 and C5 unveiled, 5MP camera all around

23 April, 2010 | Read the news | Post your comment
China-bound Nokia X5 and C5 unveiled, 5MP camera all around - read the full textThe Nokia X5 has been announced! But it's not what you think. Today, Nokia announced the Nokia X5 and C5 models with TD-SCDMA (Chinese 3G). The X5 is midway between the X6 and the X3, and the Nokia C5 model has been updated as well. The Nokia X5 will also feature mobile navigation (so,...


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the mobile is to great....................
i like it ...................

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  • 2011-01-02 11:29
  • utAm

Nokia C5 5.0 MP does not look that bad, but seriously original C5 looks 1000 times better... what made Nokia change the looks altogether?

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  • 2010-04-27 04:04
  • P$uD

the x5 kinda look like a samsung phone from way back..thinking of the model...does it look like the i200? =)

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  • 2010-04-25 15:17
  • tWig

a fake for china

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  • 2010-04-25 15:09
  • 0UeA

nokia's stoneage is spreading like ebola on all continents. Model aberrations are hapenning:same model with different camera resolution on different markets. C5 have 3 or 5 mp. I have no words... Shame

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  • 2010-04-25 12:09
  • pqya

uninspiring phones for an uninspiring country.

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  • 2010-04-25 05:36
  • QMrk

Uninspiring from Finland phone-maker!!!!!!

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  • 2010-04-24 23:00
  • 2xD1

It's a comparatively cheap device, so we can't expect a premium build quality, Carl Zeiss, as well as prestige. The phone will be on the house and cost some 200 euros. I think it will perfectly suit the needs of practical people. Of course for those who get on their high horse X6 is ideal. I for one would go for the N86.

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  • 2010-04-24 17:30
  • nC0X

So another sober model from Nokia
When are they going to join the 21st century like the other phone manufactures and start making great phone again instead of the boring bricks they are making
No wonder everybody is going for HTC and Apple phones ETC
Come on NOKIA
make a modern phone and bring it out soon

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  • 2010-04-24 10:39
  • w22H

...wife is using iphone 3G, boss uses 3Gs, ex-boss owns HD2, manager uses BBerry, mother uses omnia HD, mother-in-law owns Arena, ex-wife uses ZN5, ex-mother-in-law uses V6 Ferrari..., and never seen people on the street in my city with the almighty brand cellphone. The only brand I could find only nokia, nokia, nokia...

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  • 2010-04-24 09:23
  • w7ha

Nepal is near china i will get it

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  • 2010-04-24 06:50
  • u104

people still can't figure out what a feature phone and a smart phone is.

either that or they'll say anything to bash nokia.

design is subjective. i personally didn't like the n95 design but apparently millions did.

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  • 2010-04-24 03:46
  • vj1k

poor design......FAIL

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  • 2010-04-23 21:51
  • fu$1

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-04-23 20:42 from uSNS - click to readYup, another featurehphone that will sell millions and millions and make the haters heart hurt more.

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  • 2010-04-23 21:43
  • xkHZ

Gee what's next nokia... W-series? K-series? Whatever it is it sure will be another dumbphone.

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  • 2010-04-23 20:42
  • uSNS

> In reply to ilyy @ 2010-04-23 17:11 from xiBx - click to readSo true!!

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  • 2010-04-23 20:07
  • uSNS

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-04-23 10:02 from mEke - click to readGreat, bravo Nokia, navigation in China, great, when i phone and google have either payable or USA only Nokia is the best, 5 millions pixels with flash (forget the iphone without flash and lousy pics). nokia can read Fash videos (70% of videos), not the i phone. Nokia will be the winner in China. Sieh sieh

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  • 2010-04-23 19:28
  • px67

Nokia are really losing touch nowdays with top class mobiles an it looks as they are willing to compete at all,must be a big shake up at Nokia or they might end up just producing chinese mobiles,its a Big Shock to everyone how such a Large Mobile Producer as lost touch

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  • 2010-04-23 18:55
  • 3pH0

WoW.. is it available in Asian countrs..? (Srilanka)

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  • 2010-04-23 17:37
  • PEdI

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-04-23 15:49 from tDLP - click to readThanks, but It will be Nokia X5-01, differ from original x5.
Like c5-01 is differ from original c5.

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  • 2010-04-23 17:16
  • KFNk

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