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Motorola RAZR Z slider for Korea

Motorola RAZR Z slider for Korea - read the full textSince the famous RAZR design has been used with success in clamshell and bar phones, it's not a big surprise that the Motorola team in Korea designed and developed the RAZR Z slider. The CDMA phone is expected to launch soon with Korean carrier SK Telecom. We are not usually posting news about CDMA...


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got one..
who and what was modified in order for Cingular to activate it? nime is cool but i need to talk with someone about changing the rest of the korean menus. it's like they did a half ass job.

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  • 2006-07-14 09:40
  • xVEr

My friend got his activated by cingular. He said someone in Korea did something to it. MP3 player sucks in this!

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  • 2006-07-04 00:54
  • 4yk0

I wonder if i bought this phone from a friend in Korea and brought it back to the US would Verizon activate it for me? Because that phone looks sick, has anyone tried it out yet if so comment back thanks

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  • 2006-06-27 14:49
  • Mew4

no no no, the design is obviously tight. but the capabilities that this piece has are dull & limited. this model doesn't possess anything that already marketed GSM phones. but it's tight lookin' tho :)

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  • 2006-05-23 23:36
  • QLRp

Have you guys seen the chinese Razr Slider? To counter that Moto released this...and I must say, even the chinese copy looks better than this.

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  • 2006-04-20 00:26
  • jc}9

this phone is good

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  • 2006-04-03 21:17
  • nE3P

I adore this phone, but why it couldn't have been GSM

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  • 2006-03-31 23:29
  • QxHH

this is a beauuuty! i want onenow!

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  • 2006-03-31 10:58
  • mXB$

duz anyone no wen itl be released cos i really want one!!!!!!

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  • 2006-03-29 22:55
  • mXB%

looks better than the razr and slvr but wonder if its any better made,as there have been endless problems with the razr v3 models and to be honest motorola hav been the last to admit to these problems..wonder if this will be any better?

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  • 2006-02-27 17:27
  • MF{P

any ideas when the razr z slider will be released in the US?

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  • 2006-02-21 19:42
  • QMPp

Motorola should seriously consider upgrading its ugly, unfriendly GUI.

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  • 2006-02-19 06:02
  • m25S

Awesome!!, i still with my RAZR v3 >_

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  • 2006-02-18 04:54
  • PX1a

i really do hope the uk market don't miss out on this masterpiece

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  • 2006-02-17 02:34
  • mXwu

i don't tend to like motorolas but they have done well with the look of this one but i think it'll be just as poor reliabilty that i have seen on all the lastest motorola's so far. i hope it gets released in england not just Korea :)

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  • 2006-02-15 17:42
  • F9qx

razr z have memory card? and what memory??????????????

thank you!

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  • 2006-02-13 16:12
  • P2dw

can i watch tv in razr z?
somebody known when the razr z will have in brazil? and when will have gsm?

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  • 2006-02-13 15:44
  • P2dw

How much does this phone cost?

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  • 2006-02-13 07:01
  • Ycr3

omg dis fone is soooooooooo cute!!! ive been lookin fuh a slider fone so i was gonna go with the samsung d500 but 5 out of my 6 fones have been motorola and i knew dey wudnt let me dwn!! imagine if dey did it in diff colours like dey have the razr.

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  • 2006-02-12 23:01
  • jJRe

CDMA is not 3g. UTMS is 3G. CDMA is simply the GSM alternative (i.e. slower than 3g) that is used alot in the US and in certain places in Asia

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  • 2006-02-11 13:12
  • nUa9

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