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Sony Ericsson K610 and J100

Sony Ericsson K610 and J100 - read the full textOn the 3GSM Congress today, Sony Ericsson announced their latest additions in phone models. The K610 3G phone and low-end J100. The K610 is 102 x 45.2 x 16.9 mm big and weighs 92 grams, thus is one of the smallest 3G bar phones. It has a 262K colors 1.9" TFT display with 176 x 220 pixels...


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does anyone know how to set up the internet, on the phone? (I'm in USA)

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  • 2008-03-02 21:36
  • B$EU

it is red

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  • 2007-10-22 05:59
  • v0gj

I would really like to have this k610 as a phone upgrade because as of now I have the k600...I love my K600 to bits and pieces but sad thing is that it doesnt have a memory card and that the only problem that I have with my phone because it easily runs out of memory ( I always download games and ring tones, just love taking pictures and videos). Indeed, the k610 answered my question for the memory card but problem is that some of the features that was on my k600 was gone. k610 doesnt have fm radio, infrared port, photo light/ flash and shutter/ camera lens cover...too bad if you'll scratch you camera lens...i really want to have this k610 but what stopping to have one are those features removed that should still be on this pretty phone...again, too bad for a nice looking phone, it could have been my greatest temptation...hope sony ericsson will improved on this...i hope because i really want to have one of this...

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  • 2006-02-24 07:21
  • PF7v

So commercial phone,with 3G system made K610 so fantastic.Red wine colour made K610 elegan. By the's great phone for my business

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  • 2006-02-19 04:53
  • UDQ8

K610 looks nice.. but can i roughly know when is it going to be launch in malaysia?

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  • 2006-02-15 04:51
  • TKbW

does any one knows if the pixles of the K610 will be something smaller than the K750/W800? or maybe its as small as the pixles in the W900i??

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  • 2006-02-14 16:18
  • F4pr

looks like a smaller w800 with 3g, and i really like w800, so that's praise. the low point of course, memory stick micro. that's just a push from sony to get to sell new (expensive) flashtech nobody needs. they should have stuck with regular ms duo.

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  • 2006-02-14 12:09
  • E0kp

I will buy it

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  • 2006-02-14 06:46
  • PGHd

I`m a portuguese fan of Sonyericsson.I read this and i would like to see that mobile exclusive in Optimus network.Thats a great mobile one of the better's.

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  • 2006-02-13 21:18
  • nwcW

The phone is really nice,stylish,full of features,good dimensions,smalest 3G so far, in one word-Exellent!

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  • 2006-02-13 17:56
  • iGgy

Wahhhhhhh @@ @@ Slim, stylish, small and cool phone among 3G phone.. Roxxxx SE No1. Good features all good . 1 word "GOOD"

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  • 2006-02-13 17:28
  • iba7

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