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N900 gets update but no MeeGo, Nokia teams up with Yahoo!

N900 gets update but no MeeGo, Nokia teams up with  Yahoo! - read the full textWe have some N900 news for you. Let's start with the good news: Nokia has just released a software update for the their Maemo-powered flagship. The bad news is the company confirmed that the device won't have the chance to taste the upcoming MeeGo platform (at least not officially). Meanwhile the...


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The First MeeGo Operating System In Nokia N9

MeeGo is a joint venture by the leading Smart Phone manufacturer Nokia and famous microprocessor manufacturer Intel. The Nokia N9 may be the first Smart Phone by Nokia working on MeeGo Operating System. It is almost similar to Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 in design and structure. The Nokia N9 has a 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor and 512MB RAM and 1GB ROM gives great navigation in the device and video streaming when compared to other Smart Phones.

More Specification about Nokia N9 and MeeGo click

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  • 2010-12-18 00:23
  • 2SR5

This is interesting:-

"Compare the fewer then 100,000 N900s sold over five months with the 8.75 or so million iPhones sold between January and March alone."


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  • 2010-05-28 14:24
  • P%nm

if you have updated your n900 and you find the conversation widget and the like are not working just do the following. install Extras-Testing in app manager and save (if you have not already done it! once that's done the phone will update. if you still have the problem widgets on your phone then an update will be shown. download the updates and install. hopefully after that things should work and everything should be back to normal!

in reply to anonymous.. below, with regards to email.....just an update it appears i'm receiving emails automatically now, but i don't know if the problem is corrected or not...hopefully it has!!!!!!

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  • 2010-05-28 13:10
  • 3aS6

> In reply to yanusmaximus @ 2010-05-28 10:40 from 3aS6 - click to readthanks man for ur answer...
so i guess this is a bug, a huge one that Nokia needs to fix a.s.a.p

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  • 2010-05-28 12:40
  • mJqb

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-05-27 13:40 from mJqb - click to readyes i too am facing same problem with the email widget....sorry i wrote my previous comment without reading your comment...i hope it answers your question!!!!!

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  • 2010-05-28 10:40
  • 3aS6

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-05-27 13:40 from mJqb - click to readi got in touch with the developers of the widgets and they said download Extras-Testing in apps manager and save (if necessary google the settings). the phone updates and shows updates for conversation widget and data plan and any others that are not working with the new update. install them all and you should find they will work as normal as they do on my n900!

I hope that helps!!!!!!

just one other thing i've email does not update automatically even though the phone suggests it does cos when i access my hotmail account on my laptop it shows there is new email. i've tried deleting and reloading the email but still does not work!
Any ideas anyone????? anyone with the same problem?????

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  • 2010-05-28 10:38
  • 3aS6

i still dont see the effect of the software update on my N900. can anybody tell me what has changed

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  • 2010-05-28 00:02
  • fXJd

> In reply to sam @ 2010-05-27 09:06 from upf5 - click to readJust get a symbian phone

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  • 2010-05-27 14:36
  • kDic

> In reply to yanusmaximus @ 2010-05-26 15:49 from S00q - click to readmy friend i updated also my firmware. and the conversation widget does not work. i uninstalled it and installed it again and still doesnt work. so i completely removed it.
tell me did u use the email widget? its not working at all. i can put it as a widget on the desktop but it shows nothing. even when u want to edit the desktop the settings of the widget does not work at all...
plz r u facing this problem also??

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  • 2010-05-27 13:40
  • mJqb

so nokia don't change policy of OS. finally I change my mobile company choice to iphone,or other who have better support with os update. and not just crap framwire update.

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  • 2010-05-27 09:06
  • upf5

> In reply to Amigoo @ 2010-05-27 01:07 from C}vY - click to readAs meego looks it's not as cool as i thought it would look i still would see maemo with custom proper and stable firmware
Since n900 will not support meego
I wanna see up to atleast 4.0 or 6.0 with
Mad stability and more features via
Linux OS and symbian OS
What sym3 has but ported to maemo 5

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  • 2010-05-27 07:34
  • kDic

Meego IS available for N900. Check it out. It's full release!

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  • 2010-05-27 01:07
  • C}vY

Make sure to uninstall Brain Party (otherwise a great game) when updating OTA.

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  • 2010-05-26 23:30
  • nbuy

I've just updated my N900 OTA, while at work. No need to connect to a computer just do an update in applications manager. One problem though, i had downlaoded 'conversations inbox desktop widget' before the updated and although it shows i still have it. It does not appear as a widget on any of the home screens, and i can't even set it as a widget????? anyone else with the same problem? Otherwise i have portrait web browsing and a few other tweeks! Just make sure you charge your phone otherwise it won't update! If it helps also i'm on vodafone in the UK.

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  • 2010-05-26 15:49
  • S00q

> In reply to [deleted post]Android is nice, but S^3 and S^4 are on par. Please do not compare with Maemo or MeeGo. When Android stops being a VM, loses all the java, and can run python servers and do proper multitasking, then maybe it can play in the same league.

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  • 2010-05-26 12:29
  • mbyw

> In reply to Udi @ 2010-05-26 07:59 from sqHi - click to readSimple do what I did buy a system which is based on GSMII or GSMIII, that way it'll connect to your cars system & even an Iphone will connect to it as well.

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  • 2010-05-26 12:15
  • nUaS

Ouh no, just not Yahoo .... shame ....

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  • 2010-05-26 09:25
  • 0BjH

I m a n97mini user but this news is awsum 2 me becaz i m a big nokia fan.

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  • 2010-05-26 08:05
  • upbn

NOKIA ! What about Remote SIM Access Protocol (via bluetooth) ? How the N900 suppose to connect with car kit based on rSAP ? please, do it!

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  • 2010-05-26 07:59
  • sqHi

Imagine the n8 with MeeGo or Maemo5, that would be something. IMO Nokia should have made the N900 their top priority they had such a good start with it. Instead of slowing themselves down trying to fix Symbian, sticking with the N900 and making MeeGo more important than Symbian their status would been unharmed.

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  • 2010-05-26 05:55
  • FECh

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