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HTC Mondrian and Mozart officially confirmedů kinda

08 July, 2010 | Read the news | Post your comment
HTC Mondrian and Mozart officially confirmedů kinda - read the full textHTC's first Windows Phone 7 devices have been confirmed for the first time. Their MMS profiles in XML have been found on the official HTC website, which means Mondrian and Mozart are for real. Not that we had any doubts about it. It's only natural that HTC is prepping WP7 smartphones. HTC...


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oh. my mistake. those two ARE two WM7 phones. sorry for my commnet then.

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  • 2010-07-11 12:42
  • pu0s

the phone on the upper picture and the phone in tha catalog pictura isnt even the same phone. look at the bottom buttons. the upper phone has 3 buttons. the lower phone has a metal joystick and 4 buttons.

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  • 2010-07-11 12:40
  • pu0s

Ew @ Windows 7
Ew @ the brown side buttons they put on most of their phones



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  • 2010-07-09 05:18
  • vute

Is it just me or anyone else thinks that WP7 needs a better/DIFFERENT Windows logo?And yes I agree that 1.3Ghz are getting a bit ridiculous.

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  • 2010-07-09 02:43
  • tVvy

haha for some reason i don't believe 1.2ghz is going to be enough for wm7.

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  • 2010-07-09 00:45
  • RN$6

> In reply to Geek @ 2010-07-08 15:56 from nY$0 - click to read If you dont like the Windows phones... its simple... DONT BUY ONE... but dont tell me what I can and cant do, ive had an iPhone4 for a little over a week and im terribly disappointed in what all you CANT do with it.... no way to go into the middle of a work to correct a letter, no way to view files on the phone, no way to create your own ring tones... I guess its made for people that dont have a clue how to do things using a WINDOWS computer..... mine is going back...

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  • 2010-07-08 22:35
  • jL$a

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-07-08 17:06 from t7JM - click to reada 4.3" screen really isnt that big, dont knock it until you have held one in your hand... of course theres always the option if you dont want one that big then dont buy it......

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  • 2010-07-08 22:22
  • jL$a

Lol if you can look closely you see the phone is croped and you can see the diference in the backgrounds so thats one sign its been pasted into the catalog.

The other sign, if you look closely the left side of the actual screen - had android widgets in the background! :D i mean thats the worst photoshop EVER.

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  • 2010-07-08 21:13
  • pujh

Now 1.3 then 1.4 then 1.5 etc etc etc etc ...

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  • 2010-07-08 20:27
  • Ld0G

> In reply to Ronin @ 2010-07-08 15:49 from utMa - click to readbaaaaah, this 1.3 Snapdragon will be maybe slower than Samsungs 1ghz Hummingbird or 1ghz TI OMAP used in Motorolas phones

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  • 2010-07-08 19:40
  • LGqc
  • Try it before you sl
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-07-08 17:06 from t7JM - click to readThis is the kind of comment I will never understand. You sir/ma'am have never held a 4.3inch phone in your hands, the reason I can say that is because anyone who owns one understands that it is almost the same size as for example an iphone but has a much bigger display. At least the HD2 is almost the same size, I have an iphone, N97, HD2 and I will tell you for a fact the HD2 is almost the same size, just of course a little taller and wider but not much. So it fits into my pocket just the same as a iphone, in fact it fits better than my N97. I know the new iphone4 is bigger than the 3gs and so it should be almost the same size as an HD2 but with a much smaller screen. It all comes down to how well they fill up the front of the phone. Maybe your thinking of big @ss phones like the Streak or that GW990 that wont be made, but with HTC they can do a good job of keeping it small. I cant say anything about the Evo 4g because I never held one but it is a little thicker then HD2 so maybe it wouldn't fit very well but i cant say on that one. There is no reason they could not have went with at least a 4inch on iphone4, they made the phone bigger but same screen size! It would have been better if they went down to a 3inch and let Steve tell everyone that he was inventing the first 3inch screen and it would be a revolution to how we watch movies on our phones. I am a 100% certain there would be someone on gsmarena defending the 3inch screen to the death. Oh, ignorance is bliss...

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  • 2010-07-08 18:30
  • 3EYj

4.3 inch screen(?) Does it really have to be that big? I want a phone in my pocket, not a slab.

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  • 2010-07-08 17:06
  • t7JM

Why can't they have AMOLED screens??

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  • 2010-07-08 16:28
  • MKTc

there is no design confirmed. there are all romured.

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  • 2010-07-08 16:27
  • 3Iw6

Awful design and no 3d accelerator. Fail.

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  • 2010-07-08 16:16
  • LaMT

I will never get a windows phone.
no matter how fast/powerful/cheap it is.
I won't let Microsoft chain me and restrict me.
you should do the same friends.
go for open source.

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  • 2010-07-08 15:56
  • nY$0

1.3 GHz?? Woow!! thats some serious processing power!!

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  • 2010-07-08 15:49
  • utMa

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