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W700 and Z525 from Sony Ericsson

04 April, 2006 | Read the news | Post your comment
W700 and Z525 from Sony Ericsson - read the full textToday Sony Ericsson presented two new mobile phones, the W700 and Z525. Both new devices are very similar to their predecessors and don't feature anything innovative. The newest, 8th addition in the Walkman series, the W700 strongly reminds of the W800 model. The tri-band phone has a 1.8" 256K...


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my hphone..w700i...its sos...why?

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  • 2009-05-14 11:46
  • wr4U

total waste

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  • 2008-12-17 18:28
  • M{3P

Hi Friend .........I m not satisfied this set because Its have lots of problem Like:

> Joystic Problem......
> I lost my orange point in the Joystic , Its so loss
> Its Not Playing .wav,dat,mpg,avi,etc.....
> We can't Install the software like Nokia.....
> Sony not have 3D Games for this Set......!!!!!!!!!!1
> Handsfree not Connected properly....Again and Again u Can Lost the Connection!!!!!!!!!

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  • 2007-09-20 11:11
  • 2@ki

i've bought w700 two days back really i loved that fone no comparision in sound also its 2MP camera impressed me a that phone.
some of the cons of this phone are:
can't play other than mp4 & 3gp format vodeos

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  • 2007-01-08 19:20
  • PF}0

what SE tried to do was to release a cheaper phone, not an innovative one, to target costumers who dont need or can live without some features of W800i. W700 is a much cheaper fone so I guess that justifies it. It's a marketing strategy.

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  • 2006-07-18 08:04
  • UDWq

this is the best walk man phone ever made in history and i think it will be for next 2 or 3 years but i think there is a problem with the joystick it breaks

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  • 2006-07-09 12:57
  • Ff44

ya i know most of them dislike the SE W700i but can they think the other side....most of the users would like to buy the model W800i from SE but it's too expensive..It is..So SE just fulfill their users requirement which produce the 2nd W800i which now called W700i with a better and affordable cost.

Don't worry SE, I will support this phone(W700i)and I'm thinking to purchase this phone by next month. So don't try to banned it.Wait for me!!!!!! I'm coming!!!!!

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  • 2006-07-07 07:45
  • PA8{

I think it is a good phone, though it would be better with autofocus. Many camera phones don't have autofocus though, so if the camera function is really important then buy a different phone. For me the mp3 function is more important, as well as the colour. 256 mb may not be enough for some, but you can always buy a memory stick with more memory. Orange is not my colour, and neither is black (who made the rule that platinum gold can't be a ''manly'' colour?) so this phone is better for me, and i don't think its so easy to change the w800i casing to this one because its just the front and back that come off. Anyway, I think its a better phone than many out there, but it would have been better to make the w800i in different colours instead.

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  • 2006-05-08 07:09
  • j@9T

This is a pretty lame update to the W lineup for users who already own a higher end W series phone(800, 810, 900 and 950). However for first-time W series buyers, this W700 is not bad as it is cheaper than other higher end ones but offers almost the same functionalities(missing autofocus and half the memory) as W800.

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  • 2006-05-06 22:59
  • mRh7

se... good work.. well done.. people still use se phone. at least i found that se spect is better than other phone brand. can anybody get me same spect as se at the same price...? i think se is cheaper.

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  • 2006-04-29 08:20
  • ibb@

What's the big deal with the W700? You change colors, put a different Memory Stick and call it a new phone??
...That's the oldest trick in the book.

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  • 2006-04-22 15:34
  • PxrH

I love Sony Ericsson, but this is just dire. Do we really need another Walkman phone? Honestly? There's no sign of improvement, just lazy cash-ins. You'd be just as well picking up a k750 for cheap off an internet auction site, you get the same product for far less!

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  • 2006-04-12 21:32
  • S35r
  • the all W ...... own
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IS W700 cheaper than w800?

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  • 2006-04-12 15:24
  • ibeP

does anyone know if the W700 is in canada already??? and if so...would it be cheaper then the W800 ??? because i have a K700i ryt now...and my mp3 player is startin to piss me i wanna get a W...thxs

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  • 2006-04-12 04:54
  • kxPx

Boy are people not smart. Is anybody really buy a W800 and a W700 and a W900 and a W950??????????? Don't think so. When it come to the User interface SE Rules. Notice how just about ever phone now uses Joystick( Or something similar.), with icon based menus. SE has had that User interface since T68i (Thats like since 2002). And even with the same interface what's wrong wih that???????? If i had a w800 and wanted to upgrade to the w900 i would want that same interface. Simple if u don't like it go buy nokia, or razr or samsung. But when ou realize urphone can't play music for 30 hours don't cry, when you realise that your camera isn't that good don't cry. Anyone who hasever owned a SE was always inpressed same as me wen i had a t68i, now i am looking forward to the W800. Even without 512mb card n autofocus the w700 will be superior to any 2mp nokia.

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  • 2006-04-12 03:01
  • 40DT

SE why are you becoming a NOKIA? the reason i changed from NOKIA to SE is because of the way you really know how to create a HANDPHONE and not some cartoon phones like NOKIA, seems like SE too jumped into the cartoon phone bandwagon sigh,

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  • 2006-04-10 15:10
  • ibct

Some people simply dont understand the Sony ericsson's point of view. They want to make all their costumers happy. Some people like W800 because of its features, but dont want to spend such a lot of money on a mobile. So, SE produce mobiles almost identic each other with different prices, so, people who dont need a good camera (not important if has autofocus or not) will find a good mobile for them with W700. That´s why they called it W700, because it is inferior than W800.

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  • 2006-04-09 19:34
  • Tq1E

i wounder why ericsson providers use the same techniques ever.i was fond of ericsson mobiles but now i m fedup of all these the proper reason is the same mobiles but a bit change.
Almost my all friends sold their ericsson mobiles because they want change in their mobiles.
i m talking about applications whom we can install on other mobiles except ericsson.
why ericsson providers don`t allow its software to reshape as concern with peoples mind.
i just sold my mobile because i want some security in my mobile, and i wished my most things sercet to others.

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  • 2006-04-09 15:26
  • mivq

W700 colour very nice, but no autofocus??? Plz give me a brake! Very stupid idea i think!

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  • 2006-04-08 16:49
  • PFWW

I would say SonyEricsson has ran out of ideas..
they think by simply adjusting the color, adding a bit of flavour
on it will blind people's eyes..

at first i thought they've put some EDGE features on it (at least)
but i was wrong.. no changes at all.. shame.. shame..

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  • 2006-04-08 16:35
  • ibbX

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