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Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition

11 April, 2006 | Read the news | Post your comment
Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition - read the full textNokia and Aston Martin have made an unique team in creating the Nokia 8800 Aston Martin Edition. "Distinctive. Accomplished. Exquisite." This will be the new limited mobile phone with the Aston Martin logo etched with laser on the sliding part. Besides the logo, the new device will have...


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How 'bout a special edition that gets more than 2 hrs talk time?

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  • 2006-04-12 16:00
  • Yh1d

I like it, so which one of you kind people is gonna buy me one?

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  • 2006-04-12 15:39
  • mRif

another gimmic from nokia????? the phone tastes nice on toast with mayonaise. if you buy this phone you need to buy an aston martin.

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  • 2006-04-12 15:38
  • Skr1

my dad and my girlfriends dad both have vantages and a friend of mine has a db7, so speaking from a point of view of having a fair idea on what sort of person buys an aston, i can safely say none of them would buy this - having the aston key is SO much more of a statement than having what is basically a shocking phone with a transfer on the front - you could probably buy a sticker of the internet for a couple of pounds if you really felt like looking like a bit of a moron

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  • 2006-04-12 15:19
  • M3s@

I won't mind for this N8800 if V8 VANTAGE comes along N8800 dock

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  • 2006-04-12 15:04
  • mpFK

Who ever buys this is shallow. The 8800 alone is a poor phone, terrible battery, heavy, limited features, expensive just for a chrome cover. The extra feature of a Aston Martin badge is very very sad. You will probably get someone out there with very limited personality who will want this phone to go with there car..... or someone who cannot afford an Aston Martin. Anyone out there fancy sticking a spoon to there phone? 8800 anyone?

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  • 2006-04-12 15:02
  • S35r


But I do like to hear the ringtone aston martin roar...

Not Worth it . . .

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  • 2006-04-12 14:59
  • RKp4

Why dont Aston Martin Bring out a car with a Skoda interior? Because people wouldnt buy it. After all, thats what Nokia have done with the 8800. Putting a fancy badge on it doesnt make it any better, still the most over-rated piece of cutlery ever! Why are people who buy mobile phones so blinkered?

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  • 2006-04-12 14:53
  • S35r

Dreadnought i agree with u...waist of monye guys....1400 usd for a PHONE?ppl wake up......

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  • 2006-04-12 14:48
  • niVC

Look guys if you can afford to buy & run an Aston, the 400 extra bucks is just pocket change!

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  • 2006-04-12 14:21
  • EWQM

why don't they go the whole hog and put a decent camera and a memory card in as well? pointless update for the general user

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  • 2006-04-12 13:35
  • BwWV

well to be honest i think for nokia this will be a great idea if the owners and that have aston martins, for me this is not the greatest fone love the cars but hate the 8800 so add a logo and bump the price through the roof ain't gonna make it the one to have. So i still don't rate this handset

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  • 2006-04-12 12:26
  • F9sc

The best looking car company teams up with one of the nicest phone companies. I dont think the mix gets any better. As for the audience, theres plenty of ppl hu'd kill for an aston martin *that includes me* don't u worry, these babies will b snatched up really quickly!

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  • 2006-04-12 11:21
  • 2Gtf
  • Mr Kolawole Oyeyemi
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The concept is perfect! Let me know when it becomes available.

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  • 2006-04-12 11:06
  • SsBT

why they don't make one with dacia logo or trabant logo...

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  • 2006-04-12 09:18
  • nxt7

i have the money.i am going to get it.i have the l'armour whole collection in my hand so far.

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  • 2006-04-12 05:50
  • F4pr

i think its too commercial and a waste of effort

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  • 2006-04-12 05:08
  • jb8j

i have to agree with everyone. heres my idea, buy the cheaper one...take it to an engraver (cuz im pretty sure it wont b that expensive) engrave the aston martin logo on it, upload some aston martin theme stuff. and voila u've got the fone, and u've just saved 400 dollars!! thnk u for doin business with me ;)

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  • 2006-04-12 04:17
  • 45mb

this phone is useless

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  • 2006-04-12 03:26
  • jpHd

Whoops. sry for the triple post, blame it on the Firefox.

Who is this phone supposed to reach? Theres like probably 1000-10 000 Aston Martini owners. I really wouldn't call that a market to promote a phone. And the "wish I had a aston DB9" fans really are not gonna pay extra 400 for the emblem. I think this is just stupid, and I really ain't bitter at all for those ppl how this phone is supposed to.

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  • 2006-04-12 02:56
  • mgG@

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