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Samsung S7230E Wave 723 claims the entry level smartphone market

30 August, 2010 | Read the news | Post your comment
Samsung S7230E Wave 723 claims the entry level smartphone market - read the full textSamsung has just announced the next member of the Wave family, the Samsung S7230E Wave 723. Like its more expensive brother, the S8500 Wave, the Wave 723 will also be based on the Bada platform. While it doesn't sport a Super AMOLED touchscreen, the newbie still manages to impress with its...


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What about not having front camera?????

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  • 2011-01-31 16:50
  • w4qy

Still the best badaPhone is Wave S8500... I love my phone...

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  • 2010-09-01 16:36
  • p2w@

Video on wave 723:

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  • 2010-09-01 11:45
  • 0Be%

240 euros puts it in the same price bracket with the c6 which kicks its ass but runs s^1 and the rumored c6-01 which definitely is a winner. Its only a matter of who releases first.

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  • 2010-09-01 06:21
  • Mtyp

Can Anybody say "Tocco Update"?

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  • 2010-08-31 13:10
  • 3ik@

oh so you still survive bada? xD i think samsung kick you because android xD

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  • 2010-08-31 05:54
  • kUW@

Nice phone, i must say. We like this in India!! i will buy this, and so wil my brothers and sisters. even my uncle will like this phone

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  • 2010-08-30 21:45
  • mGDq

> In reply to toorop @ 2010-08-30 15:13 from T4d1 - click to readWhat the hell? An entry level smartphone? The original Samsung Wave? Please, explain where you got that from.

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  • 2010-08-30 20:03
  • qp4A


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  • 2010-08-30 19:16
  • 0U%6

The F480 comes with such leather cover to the screen. And on the subject, I fear that this Wave 723 thing will be a wasted potential exactly like the F480 just because of the OS. Just shove some Android into the damned thing.

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  • 2010-08-30 19:00
  • gD0b

> In reply to Gamma Sharma @ 2010-08-30 17:40 from u1Eh - click to readI have to agree. While Japanese phones are light years ahead, this means nothing since they don't release their phones overseas.

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  • 2010-08-30 18:55
  • 0ma4

Xperia X8 Killer! Yea! The S. Koreas Out doing the Japanease.

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  • 2010-08-30 17:40
  • u1Eh

nice one.

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  • 2010-08-30 16:16
  • PEqe

> In reply to wzhtg @ 2010-08-30 14:28 from uHZh - click to readtotally agree

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  • 2010-08-30 15:19
  • fwMW

Why so many Wave phones? IMHO this one and the 1st Wave is enough.

The 1st Wave itself is a entry level smartphone, so why putting 100 of them out?

I wished a upper class Wave with 12mp camera from Pixon 12. This one would be a iPhone and N8 killer :)

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  • 2010-08-30 15:13
  • T4d1

Good to see another Bada phone coming out. This shows that Samsung is serious about Bada. The Wave must have done well to convince Samsung of its potential. Think Samsung is trying to target the bottom end of the market and get more people onto its bada platform which will also encourage more app developers to create apps for Bada.

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  • 2010-08-30 14:28
  • uHZh

thanks god : it is multi-touch support phone : not like nokia and sony ericsson : 2010 and not yet any multi-touch support phone : thank you samsung

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  • 2010-08-30 14:23
  • kUW@

wel done samsung : by god great job samsung , samsung understand us ,what users need ::: or what we need : i was sony ericsson user : but i left sony ericsson : because samsung is working so hard and the know how to made good phones : samsung we love you :::

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  • 2010-08-30 14:03
  • kUW@
  • I not that stupid...
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For 240euro i rather add in some more to get a much better(in term of specs) wave 8500... I see no point in launching this phone as it does not come cheap yet not powerful/good/cheap enough to compete even with the old wave...

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  • 2010-08-30 13:22
  • PS6k

Nice move my Samsung mobile, seems that they are serious about their bada OS.

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  • 2010-08-30 12:52
  • uWBG

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