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Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile smartphones released

9 September, 2010 | Read the news | Post your comment
Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile smartphones released - read the full textOpera has just introduced the latest version of the Opera Mini for devices based on the aging Windows Mobile platform. Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile brings about only a handful of improvements but those are still enough to make it worth downloading. First of all, now you can set the...


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I like opera mobile for window phone

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  • 2014-03-13 14:30
  • N9@T

Wow nice

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  • 2013-10-22 16:59
  • fmRa

hey the next version is due... where is it?

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  • 2011-02-18 09:58
  • MVg6

Windows mobile 6.5 on HTC Touch Diamond. This is my work fon and i got myself the milestone and i must say. WM suxxxx!!! Wow, from being laggy to being overly complicated to change settings just did it in for me. Happy now with the ease of milestone.
PS. i think the HTC native home screen is a winner, WM tho spoils the $0.02

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  • 2010-09-13 17:34
  • EbCj

> In reply to Logic @ 2010-09-11 08:25 from Qy}6 - click to readYou'd better give it a try. It's not a Java-based. And it run much faster than Opera mobile (at some cost, of course. i.e no full javascript support unlike the Opera Mobile 10). I installed both Opera Mobile 10 and Mini 5 into my device.

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  • 2010-09-11 12:41
  • KhsF

i'll try it but hope it aint java..
And dont think it will beat or replace my use of opera 10...

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  • 2010-09-11 08:25
  • Qy}6

new version 5.1, is fast in working, smooth in scrolling, it has also the utility to save downloding amount direct in dtorage card or storage device other than phone's memory, older version lacs it. but the image quality seemed bad on my htc diamond and athenea, although i repeatedly adjusted on 'high quality' option.

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  • 2010-09-10 07:06
  • uW@w

I just tried installing this on my T-Mobile HTC HD2 (latest software, blah blah blah) and when it finishes the download/install and asks me if I want to start the program it goes to a screen saying "Opera Mini would like to access RMS data. Allow?" or something like that and clicking both "yes" and "no" just makes the screen flicker/reload. Help?

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  • 2010-09-10 02:38
  • 0dD6

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-09-09 18:09 from p3JF - click to readSay it again brother

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  • 2010-09-09 20:19
  • LaCB

Opera is doing a fine job keeping something simple fast! Why aging windows mobile? I won't gonna buy all this new phones for OS-es designed for people not capable of getting into a settings menu inspired from apple. I like the old fashion Win 6.1 and all those win mobile editions....I'm just mad because this OS was getting closer to the pc OS...but there had to come apple and bring the phones again off track far away from having one simple platform. The world is ruled by lazy people.

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  • 2010-09-09 18:09
  • p3JF

This is matchless phone......great job.....

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  • 2010-09-09 14:23
  • Mfx{

The presentation is on a HTC Legend witch comes with Andoroid on bord. WTF guys. This is serious ?

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  • 2010-09-09 14:11
  • LaCB

This looks like my Opera 10 Mobile.

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  • 2010-09-09 12:39
  • f380

Opera for Windows mobile, but on video HTC legend with android. lol

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  • 2010-09-09 12:28
  • n9aL

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