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Samsung Wave scores the first million of units sold in Europe

22 September, 2010 | Read the news | Post your comment
Samsung Wave scores the first million of units sold in Europe - read the full textSamsung Wave is the first smartphone running Samsung's own Bada OS. It's also got some nice specs and excellent ergonomics. What's there not to like about it. Obviously, the phone (and platform) is off to a good start with over one million Wave units sold in the four months of its availability in...


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My experience is some wrong with this product..I had purchased S8530 on 19.1.2011. After the purchase, I found that there is hanging problem in the mobile. After the mobile hangs, without removing battery mobile does not power off. I visit Service Centre to get the mobile repaired. Even after the repair, service center did not solve the problem completely. A few weeks later the problem came with touch screen. On July 14, service center told me that the mobile touch screen will be changed. I felt very sad to see. Another problem is, the mobile technology. I tried Airtel & Vodafone 3G services to mobile but they told me that your device is 3G enabled but based on WCDMA technology. WCDMA is a 3G technology that supports only low 3G speeds comparable to the existing EDGE network, For a true 3G experience, they recommend a HSPA device to enjoy higher 3G speed. Had I made a mistake of relying on Samsung? I relied on Samsung many years but now the trust is completely broken.

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  • 2011-08-04 17:42
  • 2@gj

I am practicing musician and Bada is missing good metronome,guitar tuner sucks compared with other OS no adobe flash player so can't adapt songster or guitar pro no guitar rig or any amp emulation app ,that's
dissapointing but I hope Samsung is working this direction and I will not have to switch from my Wave 723 to any other cause basicly I like it.

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  • 2011-06-18 20:50
  • n}r6

Hi, I am jaff.this mobile can Support to Skip.Because I want to use 3g,video calling.from Skip.Anybody know that.please tell me.

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  • 2010-09-29 14:17
  • vIw7

samsung wave is a smart phone,how it should be

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  • 2010-09-28 16:25
  • pFpn

Someone said they didnt think the phones screen was that good, but I got one recently and its awesome, beats the Iphone 4 screen hands down imo. I love this phone, if you want an easy phone to use but still have almost all the smartphone capabilities this things sweet! More apps would be nice, but at least the Samsung App store works, unlike some manufacturer based stores like Ovi which I had heaps of trouble with

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  • 2010-09-28 11:28
  • i2sg

i love my samsung wave
Samsung wave = iphone killer

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  • 2010-09-28 11:05
  • wcev

I love my Samsung Wave!!! Woo hoo! Rise Bada!!!

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  • 2010-09-28 09:14
  • PT}I

Wave has the best screen I've seen. Very fluid interface and a full range of features.

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  • 2010-09-28 02:38
  • n%{F

Wave rocks!

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  • 2010-09-25 13:02
  • 39ER

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-09-25 02:31 from P%nm - click to readThey are, of course... God forbid Apple makes something on its own.

Software suport is something else, it's not the topic here, you've got Android for that (i.e. Galaxy S), don't take it on the Bada... we were talking about hardware supremacy. GPU power, to be exact.

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  • 2010-09-25 12:32
  • 0pAT

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-09-24 11:05 from 0pAT - click to readI thought Apple was using an "off the shelf" Samsung component not one they designed themselves.

So wake me up when a game developer creates something useful with that graphics power, rather than the standard Java rubbish that these things favour.

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  • 2010-09-25 02:31
  • P%nm

Meanwhile Apple sold their millionth iPhone in South Korea.

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  • 2010-09-25 02:29
  • P%nm

> In reply to RejZoR @ 2010-09-24 10:28 from M}3q - click to readAhm... "slightly faster"? Try, like, three times or something... 90 million triangles per second vs. 28 mill.

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  • 2010-09-24 11:05
  • 0pAT

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-09-22 14:28 from t7Ki - click to readWell, it's not an iPhone... and thank God for that.

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  • 2010-09-24 10:59
  • 0pAT

The screen is SuperAMOLED, currently the best you can get on a market and is sharing punches with Apple's Retina. Resolution is imo just fine.
It's not a top end phone after all, so you can't really expect that (they kinda reserve that for Galaxy models along with larger screens).
Hardware wise, Wave could easily run twice the resolution, because it's using PowerVR SGX 540 which is slightly faster than the one used in Apple iPhone 4.

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  • 2010-09-24 10:28
  • M}3q

not to mention, setting up your gmail,ymail,hotmail,twitter is a breeze on this phone just enter your password and username thats all.

propper IM client would be much appreciated... :-)

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  • 2010-09-24 09:55
  • w9JI

congratz to the new achievement of samsung wave s8500 , it has sold more than a million in europe.. cheerz!

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  • 2010-09-24 09:45
  • PApZ

wave the BEST number one in europe.. and asia

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  • 2010-09-24 07:06
  • t7Lq

the best of the best

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  • 2010-09-24 04:55
  • 2Am0

This phone isn't released in all European countries so, 1 million sales just in Europe is very good. Not to mention that it has BADA OS and people are scared of the new things. If bada matures, the sales will go up, not down, as iphone's do ...

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  • 2010-09-23 23:21
  • nDyX

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