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Sony Ericsson W850 and 4 more

Sony Ericsson W850 and 4 more - read the full textSony Ericsson have just announced their 5 new mobile handsets targeted at different market niches. Those are the two Walkman phones W850 and W710, the two Z-series clamshell phones Z710 and Z550 and finally, M608. The first one is a newly born WALKMAN representing the continuation of the highly...


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Yeah, go to the P-series. There is 1, 2,3... Umm... 1 phone to choose between and itīs bigtime outdated... Yeah, go P-series...
WHY would anyone (except a true SE fanatic go for the P-series if there is only one old modle out? Why not go E-series? Daaaa... This is exactly whatīs wrong with you guys, you just canīt look beyond.

I hope that any of you more sensitive guys didnīt consider this comment too rude or aggressive. I just had to say something about "go for the P-series"... Itīs hilarious...

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  • 2006-05-22 17:53
  • niAt

I talk about miniSD cards, i dont mention SD cards that are more cheaper than all memory cards (MS Duo, MS Duo Pro, MMC, RS-MMC, etc.)

Yes, symbian and video recording are the advantage of N73, K800 has a QVGA in 2inch, that means more definition and looks fine than N73 display, about thickness and weight the difference is a tiny.

nokias 6280 doesnt have the same functionality of W850, and has the worst slider system between all sliders in the market, 6280 are bulky and heavier with bigger screen but with the same resolution of W850. I dont play with 6280 but my friend has it and he has a lot of complaints about this phone (several bugs and slider system failure) even if it isnt a symbian smartphone!! its only S40 phone!!
And W850 is only a music phone, as a music phone W850 fulfill with music phone function like his predecessors (great sound, new walkman mp3 player, big memory, etc.)

For all people that says "nokia is the best...". N93 is a super smartphone for sure, has all tech possible in it. Nokia fans are proud with 3,2 MP, 3x optical zoom, VGA 30 fps video, symbian, etc; and for it they say that nokia is the best phone maker.

I say that nokia put all-in-one in N series, but nokia isnt a revolutionary phone maker. In this case i could say: Samsung is the best because Samsung have a 10MP with 3x optical zoom camera phone, maybe Samsung I series with 8Gb hard drive phone or LG with his 5MP cybershot CCD sensor phone could be the best.
This isnt the case, the technology exist and all manufacturers put it into one phone in agreement to a market segment destination. Is for this that Samsung SCH-B600 (10MP, 3x optical zoom) is only for korean market and it isnt released in europe or americas.
With this criteria W850 is a great music phone, isnt a smartphone or a business phone and cant be compared with other phones, maybe with nokias Xpress music series, no more.
SE define their market segments (imaging, music, enterprise, maybe video) and they have models for each market segment.
And not all people wants a smartphone, i dont need it for example, simply majotity of people wants a phone with great capabilities in photo and music area, well sized phone and good ergonomics.
These are the characteristics of SE line, and if you want a smartphone go to P series with symbian UiQ OS that is other all-in-one smartphone.

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  • 2006-05-22 17:02
  • P9n@

you will never be able to compare real digital cameras with cameraphones even if they have optical zoom.just think that w70 with 7.2mp vga video at 30fps metal design 2.5 inches and ultra compact design at a price of the case of n93 it has 3.2mp camera vga recording .also it is the biggest clamshell ever made and it only fits in ones briefcase at a price of 650 euros

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  • 2006-05-22 14:41
  • iCuD

more expensive than 6270?where are you from?mars,jupiter?here k750 costs 260 euros.and i think k750 -w800 along with d600 are the best phones for 2005.and just keep in mind that n80 costs 600euros whereas w810 380

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  • 2006-05-22 14:25
  • iCuD

It is very nice to see that we civilized people have managed to establish a somewhat interesting discussion.
I am afraid though that I have lost the point here.
But Iīll atleast try to bring the statements together...

Someone, Bling I think, stated that Wi-Fi makes no sense and keyboard and screen are too small.
Well, even though this might be the current situation at SE, doesnīt mean it is so for all companies. So if you would read the browser and screen part of the Nokia N80 you will certainly see that your statement is false bigtime.

Moving on...

Now, I assume it was LXi who had a fine post about market share and target groups.
I agree almost 100% to his post. Market share isnīt everything, it only reflects the companies strength and width of their grasp of the market.
The thing i donīt buy is that SE wouldnīt make low-end phones. I mean, what exactly is the J-series then? I also got the impression that a wide variety of models is a bad or unnecessary thing. And thatīs not true.
The only way SE is ever going to grow is buy starting to focus on other things than camera or music. Because these things are easy to develop, this could be seen in the N80 review which proved that Nokia is seriously improving within these vital areas. And SE has still not even announced a phone which holds optical zoom, and thatīs nowadays the biggest factor which separates "real" digital cameras from cameraphones.
As mentioned earlier, phone companies are here to make money, and we are the consumers. This can clearly be seen in the K800/K790 as the other one lacks EDGE and the other one lacks 3G.

Then about memory cards.
We just compared memory sticks today with my friend who uses a SE K750i (I myself have a 6270). It is true that the miniSD cards are not as fast as the Memory Stick Duo-cards. The difference is not groundbreaking, but itīs noticeable. The main thing here is though that miniSD cards are cheaper. So, atleast I am not so happy to pay an extra 10 euros to get 0,5-1 seconds faster memory card access. I think that most consumers feel the same.

About bestsellers.
Well, bestsellers are ofcoursae important but it would seem that the W800 and the K750i didnīt really do anything special in the long run, because SEīs market share didnīt really make any major advancements. This could be explained by the fact that, atleast where I come from, people consider the W800 and K750i as expensive phones, so only some few has got the money to buy one.
Of course, if someone has a source that proves otherwise, then it would be interesting to see...

As said earlier, desingn is left for everyone to decide for themselves. But I would say that it is less riskier to design somewhat normal looking but still classy looking phones tha designing phones which for some people look coll, for some childish and for some, as myself, they look like they are from Star Wars... Everyone decides for themselves.
Featurewise, Nokia absolutely has got the widest and richest variety of features in their phones. And a great reception. This is a fact, not an opinion.

Well, thatīs about it. hope we can keep up an interesting discussion.

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  • 2006-05-22 14:09
  • niAt

so k800 is a recycle of k750 which is a recycle of k700 which is a recycle of t630.what lie!!!se design is always different from a model to on the other side copies from one model to another.just thing 6230-6230i-6233-6234!!!NOKIA SUCKS?NO BUT IT ISN'T THE BEST MANUFACTURER.KEEP THAT IN MIND

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  • 2006-05-22 13:36
  • iCuD

so if you want NOKIA go ahead and buy it, we SE users dont need such rude ideas of saying NOKIA has 34% etc. we dont care about the shares. all we know is that they will be the leader coz they have a very good tactic in making phones which impress one by one of the phone users. if you dont agree then we dont care. nokia fans sees their phones better coz it's NOKIA biggest and etc. that's what said awhile ago. their blindness in their one and only nokia dont allow them to appreciate any phones of other brands. so if one brand announced new model, they start to make rude and senseless opinions without even focusing on good things it can do. they just focus to the bad things on the other/hated brand. and they look to their favorite brand NOKIA, they just see good things, and hide the reality.,,,
SE fans,,, am i right?
so even you post a million things to damage the phones popularity/etc. we SE users will not change our mind coz we see the reality we see both good and bad things! even you don't agree, thats our opinion!

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  • 2006-05-22 13:11
  • PB8x

yeah.. there's nothing new with these toys, except for the "NEW" designs.. SE phones are like recycles of their old ones.. hehehehe!

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  • 2006-05-22 12:51
  • wYGU

nokia lovers stop judging these phones because they are se.

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  • 2006-05-22 11:41
  • iCuD

i love this phone.good looking+very nice pic quality+great sound+very sexy+nice features.making nice phone is habbit of SE.SE wins the have ugly+stupid+bad pic+bad bad bad sound quality+in high price hahahaha very funy nokia and its users

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  • 2006-05-22 11:30
  • PVHk

I agree. Sony phones are damn ugly. Also there is absolutely nothing in the specs to be impressed about. Nokia and Samsung have done all this like years ago :)

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  • 2006-05-22 11:00
  • QR2k

i tell u one thing that is SE make nice cell i love music,pic,and sexy cell.i dont use cell in office.i dont what r noika and samsung share in market does not metter.i alway love SE b,coz it provide me all things which i is good samsung is good.all r good comp but i like SE.i know only this.ok.ple dont angry any one.this is metter of my heartlove u all

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  • 2006-05-22 09:51
  • PVHk

To the one that didn't even dare to leave a name:

I see nothing wrong with making that analogy because in your words, "they're all here for the money", right? Business models can be cross-examined no matter what kind of product or price point we're talking about. You described my arguments as "lack of vision and intelligence... stupid and senseless", and yet you never explained why. You know, I didn't see anything in your bloated rebuttle that offers anything more than a pitiful "I don't agree with you so you're wrong"

Now, let's get back to my point, all I was trying to say was that market share isn't the only thing that matters. There are businesses that go for market share numbers, and then there are others that focuses on other things, such as creating a niche market, if you will. All brands and products have distinct images, when people see a Chevy Corvette, they can almost instantly imagine and associate it with a kind of driver that'd be driving it, same goes for BMWs and Toyotas. Don't be crazy to tell me that phone brands don't have any kind of associations whatsoever. All brands, regardless of product, tries to appeal to and cater into a certain group of individuals. The 8800's and the RAZR D&Gs that you mentioned are not so different from the Cadillacs and the Lexuses that are offered by GM and Toyota, and guess what, these products are aimed at a very small population of buyers and they make up a small part of their business. Nokia and Motorola surely don't rely on these exotic special edition phones for revenues. What Sony Ericsson does, is that it has successfully differentiated itself from the other brands, not by gaining market share, but by designing good phones that caters to a younger crowd and purposely staying away from the low-end (most of these SE phones debut at $400-500+, and these are luxury phones for a lot of folks, precise because the reason you've stated "not each and everyone are interested in cameras and music players"), you can't say that about Nokias or Motos since they still churn out tons of low-end phones, care to give this a thought and think why Sony isn't big on market share?

This isn't about people's choices or working for charity, it's about approaches to business. I dare say that Sony does not want to touch the low-end to dilute their brand image, and they will continued to designed phones that are aimed at the medium-high end market. And because of these two reasons, SE will not be big on market share, but that surely does not preclude them from being a successful company and a leader in the mobile phones market. If you don't believe me, go take a marketing class, and save your arguments that truely "lack vision and intelligence".

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  • 2006-05-22 08:04
  • 4V$q

You're right smiley. In about two years or so we will see SE on top. Remember they are new to the industry all they need is time. Every one who i know has had a Nokia ans SE said that the erisson was better.

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  • 2006-05-22 07:57
  • 40DA

What about all those phones from Nokia with M.M.C . FYI if you do the research you will see that M.M.C cards have slower access time than Memory stick. Memory Stick is also quicker than SD.
So on top of symbian based nokia phones being slow, they are using a expandable storage media that is slow to. I had a nokia 6230 with MMC (32 mb). I tried to put a movie on there and guess what it froze up, other times i found that the video was lagging as the video was behind that by 2sec.

Tired of saying to you guys Wi-fi on a phone makes no sense. The screen is to small and a phones keyboard won't do. Also wi-fi does work everywhere you go, you need to be in a hot spot. Also with nokia's already limited battery life don't expect to enjoy that wi-fi too long.
Cameras out sell camcorders anyday, point being that pictures are more important that videos. So SE having better video is more important to me than Nokia's videos.

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  • 2006-05-22 07:51
  • 40DA

smiley17, have you read the post above? If you do not like design of Nokia phones it does not mean others do not like it too. Most nokias are nice and strict-looking, not like orange SE phones. Market like nokia, moto phones and do not like SE phones. I post numbers of sales, n70 was better seller than w800.
Meet the reality, be happy with SE phones, it's good. But do not post such a senceless things. How can SE with 6% marketshare beat Samsung, moto or even Nokia with 34%? Se share does not increasing for years, even k750 didn't help. So what the reason to SE share increasing if announced phones are worse and uglier that k750 even?

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  • 2006-05-22 07:41
  • m%Rc

it's only a matter of time. if NOKIA continues to design those phones like that. well lets wait for few years and it will be in looser to SE and Samsung,,, so they must prove to all of us that they are the best mobile maker. if that's what you keep an keep reiterating to us. SE have made more best seller phones than NOKIA. and can you count which nokia phones have been bestselling units? SAMSUNG D500 still remains bestseller, SE has K750 bestseller still today,k700 also so can you say which phones people prefer?

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  • 2006-05-22 06:57
  • PB8x

Here we go again... Canīt you even try to be atleast a little mature and drop this "looser" chat?

I seriously donīt think that SE will in any period take over the market. Because SEīs main strongpoints (as said a hundred times before) are the camera and music capabilities. Nokia, who you all seem to consider as SEīs main opponent is doing major steps forward on both of these areas.

Oh nad sorry of my miscalculation earlier; the N73 does actually only have 2,5 timnes more features than the K800. But the price ainý 2,5 times higher is it?

And one thing: When are these UiQ phones coming out?

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  • 2006-05-22 06:51
  • niAt

first of all, yes, sales of k750 and w800 were better than sales of n70 + n90, but meet the numbers:
n70+n90 together were sold in 5mln quantity in 2005.
w800+w900 were sold in 3mln quantity in 2005.
Do not have infos about k750 sales sorry...

miniSD are much more cheaper than MS Pro Duo, FYI. Make some research before you post. Plus to that almost all the phones and ppc use miniSD, and only Sony technics use MS. Weird.

You say symbian and video recording are adventages only? What about much bigger screen, quag-band, the lack of thickness (k800 - 22mm, n73 - 19mm), stereo speakers...

iCuD, be realist, SE will NEVER beat samsung and Moto, never. The both are much much bigger companies and will grow too. Moto increased their market share for 2% from 16 to 18 for the last year, samsung has 12%, while SE did NOT increased share, even when you are saying k750 and w800 were bestsellers. That IS the fact. K750 was the best phone of 2005, but it dis not help SE. And these phones will not be bestsellers, cause a lot of competitors are around. these phones will sell quite bad, only k800 will do well. For example nokia 6280 is better than w850 almost in every area and is already selling since beginning of 2006.

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  • 2006-05-22 06:49
  • Sq4a

Well Look These mobile phones are GOOD but will be very EXPENSIVE. The mobile technology will be cheaper in about 2 years and I will buy one in that days.!!!

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  • 2006-05-21 22:45
  • m1Tv

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