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Sony Ericsson W850 and 4 more

Sony Ericsson W850 and 4 more - read the full textSony Ericsson have just announced their 5 new mobile handsets targeted at different market niches. Those are the two Walkman phones W850 and W710, the two Z-series clamshell phones Z710 and Z550 and finally, M608. The first one is a newly born WALKMAN representing the continuation of the highly...


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Yes iCuD, its only a matter of time

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  • 2006-05-21 22:25
  • P9n@

se is trying to present more phones than ever before and now they have the money to invest before they were presenting less phones but bestsellers(t610-30,k700,k750-w800) i think that se in 1-2 years will be in top 3

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  • 2006-05-21 22:20
  • iCuD

You have some information about K750 and W800 sales?? for sure its more than N70 and N90 sales.

About style:
Probably N73 is the most light phone of nokias N series, but what about N90, N91!!!!, N93!!!!!! This phones weight 1 kilogram each one!. for sure the mean of "pretty or beauty" word depeds of the viewer, but you can say me that 3250 is pretty phone?!?!?

And N73 doesnt have 3 times more functionality than K800, only symbian and video recording are adventages, but price will be higher for sure.

For SE the Symbian OS is only for enterprise segment, a lot of people (including me)dont need a smartphone, i want a phone with great qualities in camera and music features for example, and for it i choose W800, and UiQ beats in all aspects nokias S60 OS, its more reliable touchscreen OS.

And for latest phones of nokias n series, the people dont need all tech in one phone, for example, WLAN is useless in small screen, i have a laptop and i use it for wifi sessions, is preferable because screen.

miniSD is more expensive than MS Pro Duo, in contrast MS micro M2 is more expensive than miniSD, in the case of W850 use MS pro duo

And SE always set the features to follow by other phone makers, this situation repeat since Ericsson T68m, T610, K700, K750.

This slider is decent for me, isnt ugly and bulky like others sliders from others manufacturers

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  • 2006-05-21 22:06
  • P9n@

The guy below,
Maybe you forgot to mention EDGE, quad-band(+umts), bigger screen, more convenient memory card, stereo speakers and push-to-talk. And Symbian isnīt "just", it really makes the difference.
As I stated earlier, it would be a nioce thing to atleast do minor research before posting...

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  • 2006-05-21 21:41
  • niAt

firstly,k800 is coming in JUNE.if i am right n73 is coming october-november,with its price being around 100-150 more than k800.also i cant see any difference apart from video and symbian.also the design sucks too apple-ish.finally although it carries carl zeiss optics doesn't mean quality(,unless it has optical zoom) remember n90 vs w800 thing,and all symbian devices including se uiq crash much more than ordinary phones SO K800 RULES!!!SO FAR

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  • 2006-05-21 21:11
  • iCuD

"Reuters announced Nokia to sold 5mln N70 and N90 phones (together)" - meaning? they haven't sold 5M units yet. Am i correct with this one?

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  • 2006-05-21 10:45
  • 2ApZ

Well, since Lordi won the Erovision last night, I might just comment your comments once again.

First I would like to thank everyone who is posting statements which have a point. Not only this fanatical "SE rulz cos they have the best phones and nokia is ugly brick". It is very nice to have a more civilized discussion than just that...

I am not bashing SE or any other company, SE makes good phones and has mastered the skill to integrate a proper camera device in phones the best so far. So far.

About the primitive comments about style:
Style and beauty are things that everyone decides for them selves. I learned that when I was about 5 so itīs quite surprising that everyone here hasnīt.
And seriously, heavy ugly bricks? I donīt think so. Letīs start with the "heavy factor".
You say Nokia phones are too heavy, well then, itīs funny that the upcoming N73 model weights 116g and the K800 115g. The weird thing here is that the N73 holds about three times more features, and still they are almost the same weight. So if you wish to make some dork statements, please, do some research before you post.
Next, the "ugly" factor. I seriously think that most of you consider Nokia phones ugly only because they are Nokia phones. If they would be SE phones you would consider them the most beautiful thing in the world.
And as my personal opinion; after the looks of K800 and W850 you seriously canīt call the N80 or N70 ugly.

Next I would like to comment the following:
Someone said that Nokia is only best in Symbian.
Well, itīs true that Nokia is best in Symbian and therefore best in phone USEFULNESS. The latest SE Symbian seems to be the P910, and thatīs outdated & ugly bigtime.
Nokia is also best in displays, video, speaker quality, features, reception (thatīs the most important thing in a phone right?), they also use the most convenient memory cards (miniSD).
SEīs lead in the camera and music capabilities is getting smaller as the N80 proved with itīs good music player and great non-af camera.
Conclusion: I donīt think that SE is going to take over any market with this style.

About bugs in phone firmware: All advanced phones have bugs when they are released. When the K750i was released the af hardly worked and still a year after the release, it reboots (my friends opinion).

I am not here to bash anyone or anything. I just look at things in a realistic way and say my opinion.

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  • 2006-05-21 10:41
  • niAt

smiley17, "but comparing to Microsoft s60 is far behind them"
You have never used microsoft OS, it is obvious. So do not make such a loosie comments.
'make phones, but few innovations, most have headaching issues such as buggsss etc."
Every phone have bugs. But what about innovations? Nokia has 5 phones with Wi-fi on the market and 4 on their way. Nokia has 11 WCDMA phones on the market. nokia has 12 phones having QVGA or better screen on the market. I can continue. Care to count how many SE or Moto have! You will be surpricsed! SE has 0, 2, 1.

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  • 2006-05-21 10:24
  • Sq4a

Dreadnought, walkman phones has the best music capabilities right now. and admit it or not it's true. the only thing that saves nokia qualities are it's symbian capabilities. but comparing to Microsoft s60 is far behind them. SE dont need to make symbians for good quality coz the have what they called expertise. yes you were right a mobile doesnt need a walkman trademark to be a good player but if i mention carl zeiss? remember also that in motorola razr v3 review. even carl zeiss cannot give us good imaging results. so that's the same. SE can beat it's own optic lens coz it's their trademark.

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  • 2006-05-21 10:06
  • PB8x

Man you should open your eyes... nokia has everything and more and more, but look at whats happening at their designs, stability of os and etc. no n-series can beat the all-out performance of walkman, n-series has OS but what if no? such a very big mistake getting that phone maybe. look at SEs, no OS but with promising functions. and if they got OS? NOKIA will be a big Looser for you, nokia has 34% market share its becoz they make and make phones, but few innovations, most have headaching issues such as buggsss etc. this share will sunk down once they didn't take attention of the phones they are making. samsung and SE are the real rivals here not NOKIA. i think so stop bashing and bashing SE

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  • 2006-05-21 09:19
  • PB8x

Please Lxi... how can you compare the automotor industry to the one of mobile phones... it makes me laugh, what a lack of vision and intelligence. Anyway, you cant compare a car that costs thousands of euros to a mobile phone that may cost hundreds of them... its just stupid and senseless. SE arent luxury phones for your information, motorazr D&G, nokia 8800 Aston Martin, etc. those are real luxury phones... not a simple w800, k750, w550 or even w900. Get over it, would you? Everyone has different choices and if you read my previous post, i mentioned that i liked SE phones but the fact is that Nokia, Motorola and Samsung rule the mobile phone market, for whichever reason you like, its business after all... or what? will you dare say that SE works for charity? God, they are so good and socially conscious that they are willing to sell cheap phones which have everything. Wake up man... they're here for the money! Besides, remember guys: not each and everyone of the people who own a mobile phone are interested in cameras and/or music players, you might wanna give that a thought. And if you want status... you should get yourself a Nokia 8800, Treo, Blackberry or some smartphone too... it may rise your so called status.

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  • 2006-05-21 08:50
  • Pqgd

Tarantula, do not think that it's in budget segment. Reuters announced Nokia to sold 5mln N70 and N90 phones (together) while SE sold 3mln their Walkman phones. And N70, N90 are bigger and costlier, no matter! They have outsold SE flagship phones (w800, w900, w550). So what the market want? Tech and style or orange phones having only one thing: good media player?

Kyle, yeath, SE fans are really do not see the truth. w600 take excellent pics? Come on! Wake up! SE has style? Oh god! Are se fans always like that one?

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  • 2006-05-21 08:16
  • Sq4a

Nokia has market share but ugly phones... SE has style!
Moto, Samsung & the rest simply are below of both

SE rocks!!!!!!

PS: autofocus is not needed anymore... I have a w600 and the pics I take with it are excellent!

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  • 2006-05-21 06:17
  • Pd}L

Nokia fans are happy with 1st place of nokia, but its in budget market segment. Nokia with bulky and ugly brick phones... pardon, smartphones are no problem to SE K and W series, this phones are well sized and have great quality in camera and music. And W850 isnt the exception. Since T68 and T610 SE always make a way to others manufacturers in phones features and technology and set standards in quality to nokia, motorola, samsung, etc.
This is the true...

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  • 2006-05-21 03:58
  • P9n@

You don't have to have market share to "rule" the market. Think BMW or Mercedez-Benz, there's a certain prestige to these cars that makes them command a premium and attention, yet they lag far far behind the likes of Toyota and GM in terms of quantity sold and % market share. SE is not shooting for the popular rule like Nokia and Motorola, it has never been Sony's philosophy to make their products supremely popular among laymens, exclusivity is their key and I think SE phones in general gives their owners a certain degree of uniqueness and status.

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  • 2006-05-21 01:15
  • 4V$q

Why are SE fans so bitter... sheesh... you guys should look at some statistics you know... SE has less market share than Nokia, Moto, Samsung and LG and it wouldnt surprise me if they get passed over by Benq-Siemens...

Nokia 34% Market Share
Moto 21%
Samsung 18%
LG 15%
SE 6%

SE rules the market? I think not... a proven fact

And I do love SE handsets... they're nice and affordable... but those are the true facts.

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  • 2006-05-20 21:01
  • Pqge

TS{I, maybe I have poor english cause I'm italian, but you have childish "primitive" language.

PVHk, was the only nokia that you owned a 3310 one? Read N80 review for example, it has everything (best screen, great 3.2 mp camera, wi-fi, great sound, small size, nice finish etc etc etc) and it is out NOW!!! No one competitor can match anything to it, SE has only one good screen phone on the market and it is w900.
And now u say SE is the best. maybe you better think about it instead of making fool statements? But you re quite right: if u like unattractive cheap childish orange phones, then yes, SE is the best for you.

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  • 2006-05-20 20:51
  • Sq4a

i think SE is doing great job.i love it.before i use nokia but i dont like it.i hate its sound,pic quality,designe,and its feautres.

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  • 2006-05-20 20:28
  • PVHk

"Round buttons???" looks like POKEMON.

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  • 2006-05-20 20:18
  • SeFN

I donīt know...
All of you seem to be so excited by these new models. But was there anything new? At all?
These new clamshells follow the standard way of thinking from SE. 3 almost identical phones with different quality cameras... Whatīs the point??

These new W-series models are also SO W-series. All in all VERY AVERAGE phones with a Walkman logo. And whatever you guys say about the look of the W850... Itīs really quite ugly. I(mean round buttons??? In different sizes... Gsus. The designer must have been drunk or simply blind... Walkman or not, I wouldnīt pay a high price of a phone wich only has a good music player...
And as the N80 review proved, a phone doesnīt have to be a Walkman to have a proper music player, or be ugly.

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  • 2006-05-20 19:42
  • niAt

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