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New budget handsets from Nokia

19 June, 2006 | Read the news | Post your comment
New budget handsets from Nokia - read the full textToday Nokia announced 3 new GSM phones. Two of them will be new additions to the Nokia 6-th series: Nokia 6151 and Nokia 6080, while the third one will be an affordable handset from the Nokia 1-st series: Nokia 1110i. Nokia 6151 Nokia 6080 Nokia 1110i Nokia 6151 is expected to...


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yuck!! yuck!! yuck!! screaming plastic of cheapness!! gosh i hate those nokia fanaTICKS!!!

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  • 2007-06-09 20:05
  • w0Qx

good design yes moto and samsung have nice design but all their design are the same thing! thin or Razr phones by motorolas and black/silver clamshell/sliders, about SE well its doing the same thing with the k750i looks at it portafolio, they all have that rectangle form. and their design are not soo nice but acceptable,
nokia design i must say they are weird, but really they are different to anything in the market right now, they only resembles nokia own portafolio in things like keys etc

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  • 2006-06-29 00:17
  • Pv9c

With these new phones, it seems that nokia is concentrating on low end phone cause this is the area where growth would be the biggest. but another reason would be that they are losing already on the mid and high end phone not because they lack features, which is on the contrary, but maybe they lack good designs. something samsung,lg, motorola and sony ericssonhave been doing so well lately. nokia's phone look all alike and they are starting to bore a lot of loyal nokia user.

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  • 2006-06-26 20:18
  • PZtr

1.Stereo FM but no MP3
2.Expandable memory but no stereo music support
3.3G support but no 2nd camera
4. 1.3 mpixel camera but 128X160 display ,rubbish than 6600 !!!
This 6151 may be a budget phone but it could have been better while retaining the costs .I would not purchase it

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  • 2006-06-24 09:17
  • UqqZ

Haha.. ive seen it all now.. a 3g phone without a camera on the front..... good one nokia: really taking advantage of 3g technology! i got a few good ideas that nokia would be interested in: helicopter ejector seat; see-through toilet paper; glow in the dark sun glasses; solar powered torch light

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  • 2006-06-23 12:09
  • Uib$

Please... this is one ugly phone. I dont like saying this to brands, but the Nokia brand seriously sux. Their mid budget range phones r all so UGLY. Id rather put an anaconda up my anus then have to use this phone. it is gross....

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  • 2006-06-23 12:04
  • Uib$

another ugly new fones from nokia! wat a shame?!

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  • 2006-06-22 09:53
  • Rxnd

nokia ROXX, SE 2 thumbs down...hi..hi...

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  • 2006-06-22 08:55
  • PFDU

decent phones and not stunning attractive. The 6xxx are usually targetted towards more conversative and traditional users, and thus the conservative designs.

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  • 2006-06-22 05:35
  • 4QxJ

most of people says SE is making boring cell mean designes now what can u say about nokia.all most total cell are same and features.SE gives us Best muzic,best pic,fast cells,i think sexy is also best but i love SE

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  • 2006-06-21 20:17
  • PVtn

Im a high end phone user, but I know several ppl that have no need for shiny youth designed phones. They need phones to make calls and sometimes send sms. Even color screen they consider as an unnecessery thing which only atracts thiefs. So why should not be phones for old ppl or the very young ones. Is it so difficult to undrstand?
In couple of months I consider buying myself a new phone. My types are Nokia N93 or SE P990. Both have its pros and cons, but I think I'm going to buy Nokia. Are there any better phones for now? (it must be a smartphone and have good camer)

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  • 2006-06-21 18:52
  • S1M5

you could fall asleep just looking at these phones. the features may be great but the design is sooooooooooooo dull. motorola, lg, Samsung and sony ericsson are really the leader in design.

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  • 2006-06-21 15:51
  • PZtj

i think that nokia is best n it rocks

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  • 2006-06-21 14:47
  • i4d4

ha ha ha..........3 new ugly sets......SE always introduces new sets but those new sets are actually not the new one they r the same older sets with older functions n there's a bit of change in new one but actually they r the same older one ;)

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  • 2006-06-21 12:50
  • PV3}

Nokia has the most disgusting phones on the market!. They're way overpriced, bulky, ugly, overly exaggerated spec-sheets and too many copies of the same thing in a different body. Those people who buy Nokia are extremelly gullible to be falling for the same joke repeatedly. Someone should dig a big hole, dump all their Nokia's in that big hole and start a nice bonfire.

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  • 2006-06-21 11:56
  • m25S

most of people says SE is making boring cell mean designes now what can u say about nokia.all most total cell are same and features.SE gives us Best muzic,best pic,fast cells,i think sexy is also best company but i love SE

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  • 2006-06-21 10:08
  • PVt%

darkman, LOL was the only one nokia you've seen a 3310?
Nokia is leader in cameras, screens, technologies. Look at the N or E series!
Or do u want 3 megapixel cameras and 16 mln colors screens in these budget handsets? Are you so young that you can't understand that?

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  • 2006-06-21 08:02
  • m%Rc

Nokia is too bad in design and feature to launch out. Come on, Nokia ! You are dropping too fast in rank board of cellphone over the world. You conceal the truth untill when ?

Nokia only a rubbish, garbage and like ugly, poor if comparing with Nec, Sharp, Toshiba, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sanyo, Motorola . . . . Why I say that ?
Price is too expensive.
Design is too ugly, boorish, like bricks.
Feature is simple, monotonous.
Cover for phone is always made from plastic (ie low products of Motorola, high products are always metal)
Screen is too bad : dark, blur, jagged.
Sound is mediocre, cracked and croaky.
In brief, Nokia will never be high forever. And I can't understand, up to now, this guy still rank in first.

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  • 2006-06-21 04:43
  • ULSu

3G also comes without cameras.

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  • 2006-06-21 00:18
  • SeFH

there's another phones also 2875i and 6275i

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  • 2006-06-20 01:13
  • pYM4

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