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Low-end offers from Motorola

23 June, 2006 | Read the news | Post your comment
Low-end offers from Motorola - read the full textRecently Motorola announced a diverse model series which is to offer slim handsets at an affordable price - meet the W-series. The first W-series models would include two clamshell mobiles and three more handsets in the traditional candybar form factor. Motorola W220 Motorola W375 ...


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my v3 just went how good are they???

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  • 2006-07-21 17:29
  • N9Ai

These phones are cool except the W220. I like motorola as a company as I own three models. I reccomend the motorola L7!

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  • 2006-07-17 03:46
  • j2CP

These fones are a great idea, they look fantastic and they basic features are for ppl who JUST WANT A FONE!! dont get me wrong, i luv the cameras n other stuff that fones these days offer, but in my opinion, fones have gotten too complicated these order to complete simple functions, users need to go thru endless menus!! n to the ppl that bag these fones, their simplicity is the whole point!! GREAT IDEA MOTOROLA!

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  • 2006-07-16 13:33
  • PSt6

Hi there, I'd like to know when the Motorola 375 is available in the UK, who will stock it, whether it is exclusive to a certain network etc.

Also what are the colours available?

This phone looks great! I want one!

Many thanks

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  • 2006-07-16 12:39
  • iLTH

Just 4 Words..........really very good phones.......

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  • 2006-07-16 09:31
  • 2S}f

Kindly let me know how and where I can purchase these low end phones from motorola

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  • 2006-07-16 09:12
  • mEH6

i think motorola can be the one in the world if u still create a new model of ur gsm and cdma phones especially in indonesia,because i'm one who sell motorola in indonesia,especially MEDAN,en i'm marketing executive,so i think motorola brand in indonesia is got third,1st is nokia,2nd is Soner,en i really hope that motorola can still make a new model,spec,dll to make every people in indonesia love to use MOTOROLA thx...

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  • 2006-07-15 18:15
  • PBRL

Nice looking handsets, shame that its motorola that make them though. Suppose i'd better get used to the sight of sending them away for repair.

Motorola - wasting the time of sales staff nationwide for years.

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  • 2006-07-13 17:52
  • F9qx

motorola does not need to beat sony-ericsson in anything since they're the second biggest cellphone company in the world next only to nokia. sony-ericsson is way down at number 6. it's sony-ericsson who has to get their act together and compete harder if it even wants to get to the top 5.

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  • 2006-07-11 23:26
  • ijAU

motorola needs to improve thier mobile features or else they could never beat sony ericsson in price with features comparison!

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  • 2006-07-08 11:28
  • PAmA

1.Nice Design
2.Sweet Colours
3.Very Good Dinesions

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  • 2006-07-08 01:45
  • TuJS

motorola needs to improve thier functions in all phones icluding the famous V3 or else they could never beat sony ericsson in price function comparison....

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  • 2006-07-07 15:43
  • PA$k

GAH so ugli >

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  • 2006-07-04 21:07
  • mv7y

Motoralo does not understand the European market

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  • 2006-07-04 14:38
  • Sd2s

these phones are quite a good idea because they are not only
inexpensive but it has great features and the price is quite reasonably.i applaused motorola good creation.

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  • 2006-07-01 23:30
  • PvWD

Thes phones at a quick glance look alright. Nice colours. But unless you dont expect much from a phone, i think these phones wont be very popular. Its so basic. Too basic i think. I know thats the point, as these are budget phones. But still. But one thing i really really like is those icons on the front which light up. I think they are cool. But samsung has been using those types of lil icons for a while in korea. I really like em.... But once again, for some reason, the motorola phones dont seem to excite me. They dont have a sense of new or fresh feel about it.

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  • 2006-06-28 18:36
  • Uib$

Lovely from Motorola... low end good looking phones for my peoples that cannot afford the top level phones like in Africa, Asia etc... but need a phone as they are a neccesity in this day and age. And lets not only think bout the developing world... even right here in the UK u got theolder generation that dont even wanna text but make and receive calls when neccessary... do u expect them to get a 3g v3x when tey can get a bsic easy to use phone?

All u negative line droppers... please get a life and stop being so narrow minded and biased.

If all of u thought a bit more like Bill Gates and that Buffet guy this world will be a much better place.

Selfish b@tards!

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  • 2006-06-27 14:09
  • MxC$

Calm dpown A1000 , is UIQ, different stuff compared to Motorola standar interface .

These models will make a good succes in cowntrys like Romania (they will be free at a 9 Euro subscription , one year period)

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  • 2006-06-26 20:42
  • nDA2

for low end phone, the design of these new phones rock!

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  • 2006-06-26 20:10
  • PZtr

well design is great but still its not user friendly, motorola needs to redesign thier menu and some input messaging features, its time consuming to text with moto

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  • 2006-06-26 03:14
  • ijAF

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