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It is official: the XPERIA X10 family Android 2.1 update finally rolls out

29 October, 2010 | Read the news | Post your comment
It is official: the XPERIA X10 family Android 2.1 update finally rolls out - read the full textWhile Android 2.3 Gingerbread is just around the corner, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA family is finally getting to taste the Eclair (a.k.a. Android 2.1). The highly anticipated software update will start rolling this Sunday for the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10, X10 mini and X10 mini pro. However, as...


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> In reply to Ryan G @ 2010-11-07 14:06 from 0FkB - click to readDon't check it with PC Companion, but use the Update Service for the upgrade.

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  • 2010-12-16 13:32
  • NRae

will we ever get the updates in south africa?

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  • 2010-11-21 00:32
  • MkXk

Set PC Companion in settings to check for update next time when U connect phone, it is been set to search for ewery two weeks. Unplug your phone, reconnect and try again.

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  • 2010-11-20 14:40
  • Ia@J

i've been waiting for the android 2.1 update ever since i bought my xperia x10.but somehow,i couldn't update my xperia x10 from 1.6 to 2.1.
may i know if there is any possibility that xperia x10 sold in malaysia are not be able to update to android 2.1 until there is an annoucement from SE?
everytime i want to update my xperia x10 to 2.1,the pc companion program kept telling me that i had the latest software,but in fact, i'm using 1.6.
do help me guys regarding this matter...thanks

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  • 2010-11-18 02:05
  • 25Fc

> In reply to optional @ 2010-11-08 01:45 from 2IB8 - click to readI've sent mine to service center at orchard.

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  • 2010-11-15 09:17
  • 2IDb

FINALLY!!!! Finally today I can update my phone in Brazil after 13 days since 2.1 update! As soon as I update this phone I'm selling it, cos after this Xperia wont get an update to 2.2 EVER!

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  • 2010-11-13 20:42
  • L0}$

> In reply to Nicholas @ 2010-11-10 23:29 from RFjW - click to readi check it today.. why cant get the update yet??

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  • 2010-11-12 12:24
  • ibp6

why my x10 cant get it yet? i just check it bytoday..

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  • 2010-11-12 12:23
  • ibp6

Eclair for Malaysia update release is today. Pls check and update.

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  • 2010-11-10 23:29
  • RFjW

the flash player is only available with the Android 2.2 Froyo...not on the 2.1

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  • 2010-11-10 16:20
  • vGFW

i am in the usa i just upday my x10i to 2.1

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  • 2010-11-09 16:50
  • jBJZ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-11-07 16:21 from ibeJ - click to readi already have it with 2.1, make sure ur pc companion is the latest one (should be 2.0 version ),connect ur x10, u will see the update is available now~

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  • 2010-11-09 04:51
  • ib7@

Its not including flash support for web browsing

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  • 2010-11-08 08:56
  • s89d

If ppl in chenni are able to upgrade it why its not getting upgraded in Punjab then SE annoyed me this time. And it will effect y brand loyalty

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  • 2010-11-08 08:48
  • s89d

Does anybody know if the upgrade includes flash support for web browsing?

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  • 2010-11-08 06:44
  • Lv%x

I just upgraded my by using the SE PC Companion software. Just press the on the Support Zone and select Software Update from there. It will update you phone to 2.1. But could not connect to the internet after that :( only can connect using WiFi. Still having the problem.

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  • 2010-11-08 03:26
  • IVDx

> In reply to celeste @ 2010-11-04 11:28 from ucxE - click to readnope. i didn't do anything special to my phone...

i just plugged it into my laptop for charging purposes only...

to be honest i wasn't expecting the update to come so soon... and besides.. SE website says i've got to go to SE Service centers to get the upgrade to 2.1...

but when i plugged it in.. after a few minutes a notice window popped out which says "..preparing your phone for update.. please don't disconnect..." etc.. (forgot the exact phrase but it was something like that...)

is your PC Companion up to date?

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  • 2010-11-08 01:52
  • 2IB8

for those who can't update via PC Companion...

is your PC companion up to date itself?

if all else fails you could always go to SE service centers and have them update your phone...

almost a week now since i've updated to 2.1


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  • 2010-11-08 01:45
  • 2IB8

STILL NO UPDATE!!! My X10 is from Dubai, and I am in Brazil. When I try to update with PC companion its says I'm up to date. I tried to update through U.A.E. and Brazil Sony Ericsson sites, but still nothing!! Why is it so difficult to update???? 2.2 is already out and 2.3 is coming next week, but we are still on 1.6??? After this experience with SE I'll never buy another SE again!

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  • 2010-11-07 22:14
  • L0}$

> In reply to hsl @ 2010-11-07 04:46 from tVXv - click to readseriously??? for x10??
have u updated ur x10?

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  • 2010-11-07 18:48
  • wc6s

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